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April 26, 2020 Four cases take you into the Internet of Things gateway solutions

Although not look at the whole system of internet of things together, internet of things gateways play a vital role. It is like the hub of the human brain, to be seen and heard on the facial features of data transmission, calculation and processing, while helping to break through the barriers perpendicular to realize cross-border treatment, fully tap the true potential of the Internet of Things. Hereby, small loyal to three days and nights, pulls out four development case, the majority of developers to showcase Intel-based Gateway magical platform.

Four cases take you into the networking gateway solutions

Internet of things biggest challenge currently facing is – how to integrate the latest technology and existing infrastructure to take full advantage of cloud connectivity and data management and analysis of internet of things, this challenge is the first to cross the difficulties currently 85% Not the traditional system interoperability.

Intel networking gateway for incurable diseases to resolve this is crucial. By providing pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software modules, gateways to speed up the connection to deploy traditional and new systems to achieve between edge devices and cloud seamless and secure flow of data. In addition, Intel gateway can provide important information and analysis on the edge, so you can only send important data to the cloud, data transmission and storage costs can be better managed.

It is worth noting that no one person, company or technology can achieve internet of things alone. Cooperation gateway interoperability and ecosystems is a key factor in the development of networking and success thereof. Here, we have four cases by Intel in cooperation with the powerful ecosystem to show you how to choose the ideal development environment and get internet of things important role innovative products, as well as multilateral cooperation in the development of internet of things.

  About Intel Internet of things gateway

Intel worked closely with McAfee and Wind River company, launched a full range of intelligent gateway solution to connect legacy systems with the new system, provide a common interface for seamless communication between devices and the cloud. The gateway is designed to connect different systems solutions for industrial, energy and transport markets, to ensure that equipment and data produced by the existing infrastructure in the cloud securely share, for analysis purposes. Intel networking gateway is currently provided by a number of ODM.

Intel’s Intelligent Gateway family of solutions provide pre-validated integrated hardware and software (including McAfee Embedded Control Platform and Wind River intelligent devices), can help business customers quickly develop, build and deploy applications and services, in order to facilitate its focus to create new value-added services. With these solutions, users can carry out the work at the time, safely collect and filter data, and between the edge and cloud sharing. These include monitoring of high-value industrial assets, promote manufacturing automation, distribution automation, and monitoring commercial convoys.

  Oracle Java to run on Intel Internet of things gateway solutions

– To provide services to the mobile environment and M2M networking solutions

Four cases take you into the networking gateway solutions

Today, Java runtime environment is an important component of Internet of things gateway application development solutions. By Intel Internet of things NMS Oracle Java interoperability understanding, we can see that this integration requires powerful analytical capabilities, security, and high-performance real-time processing of large number of events.

Use Amazon Kinesis Internet of things to extend mobile data

– To collect, distribute and cache from Intel networking gateway high throughput, low latency machine data to perform real-time processing.

Four cases take you into the networking gateway solutions

In the past, the collection, storage and analysis of high throughput information, the need for complex software and a large, expensive deployment and management infrastructure. Today, the establishment of high-capacity pipeline for enterprises will become more readily. They can collect and distribute real-time data of any size, and using Intel networking gateway each event pushed to Amazon Kinesis, for real-time processing.

  Internet of things to simplify application development

– Running on Intel networking gateway solutions development framework to reduce the impact of the series by various protocols and API to communicate with legacy equipment

Four cases take you into the networking gateway solutions

At any networking solutions, devices and sensors you must be using a variety of protocols and API to interact with the outside world. In order to reduce the time and effort required to write and test code, the team created a solution based networking tool development platform. The platform enables fast within a few minutes, scalable, and secure networking connections and expand, while maintaining existing investments, reduce development costs 80-90%.

Just a few minutes, the connection sensor networks and devices

– Providing services for M2M and mobile environments Intel networking gateway via a simple command-line interface and message processing device to interact with IBM

  Four cases take you into the networking gateway solutions

The two main challenges are the internet of things to connect legacy devices to the Internet, as well as ensure that all of Internet of things and M2M communication is seamless and safe. Today, companies can quickly connect to all types of devices developed by Intel and IBM cloud infrastructure systems. The solution combines IBM’s message-processing equipment and networking gateway Intel, interact through MQTT agreement. And compared to https, which is smaller and faster.

Cooperation is the only way for the development of internet of things, small series also believe that with Intel and industry partners in the field of IOT increased gradually deepened, our lives our world will be better.

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