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April 28, 2020 Functions of Modbus Gateway USR-M511

This article introduces the functions of modbus gateway USR-M511 as the following diagram shown, you can get an overall knowledge of it.

 functions of modbus gateway USR-M511


Basic Functions

1. Static IP/DHCP

There are two ways for module to get IP address:

Static IP: Default setting of module is Static IP and default IP is When user set module in Static IP mode, user need set IP, subnet mask and gateway and must pay attention to the relation among IP, subnet mask and


DHCP: Module in DHCP mode can dynamically get IP, Gateway, and DNS server address from Gateway Host. When user connect directly to PC, module can’t be set in DHCP mode. Because common computer does not have the

ability to assign IP addresses. User can change Static IP/DHCP by web server. Setting diagram as follow:

Module in DHCP mode can dynamically get IP, Static IP/DHCP

2. Hardware Restore default settings

User can press Reload over 5s and less than 15s then release to restore default settings.


3. Upgrade Firmware Version

User can contact to salespersons for needed firmware version and upgrade by setup software through Ethernet port. Setup software download link tcp232 m4k3 setup software . User can upgrade as follows:

Upgrade firmware version

Upgrade firmware version


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