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Google ultimate prophecy: the Internet will disappear 500 competing layout of Internet of Things

Google ultimate prophecy: the Internet will disappear 500 competing layout of Internet of Things


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On Friday, the Nasdaq composite index fell 3.25%, the highest since October 2014 the lowest level. NASDAQ Internet index plunged 5.2 percent the day, the highest since 2011, the biggest single-day decline, as well as multi-year lows. High valuation of technology stocks collective slump.

Investment firm Matrix Asset Advisors David Katz, chief investment officer, said the market has started to sell those past gains or huge spikes in 2015 stocks. LinkedIn shares plunged 44%, just show the fear of investors has risen to the extreme.

Another investment firm Williams Capital Group chief asset trader Stephen Carl noted that investors are selling large technology companies and large-cap company’s stock, in order to avoid further losses. Economic data were mixed as investor profit-taking and risk aversion, leading to a collective slump on Friday the stock market.

When the concept of the Internet in the ascendant in China’s capital market, the executive chairman of Internet giant Google’s Eric Schmidt at the forum, held some time ago a bold prediction: The Internet is about to disappear, a highly personalized, interactive of interesting world – Internet of Things will soon be born. Schmidt’s remarks can be described as self-subversion. He said: “I can be very direct, the Internet will disappear.”

Internet of Things will replace the Internet

First, the Internet is about to disappear, Internet of Things will be all-powerful

Schmidt said, the future will have a huge number of IP addresses, sensors, wearable device, and although it may not feel interact with Internet of Things, always with you. “Imagine you walk into the next room, the room will also change, with your permission, and all these Internet of Things will happen and everything you room to interact.”

He said this change for technology companies is an unprecedented opportunity, “the world will become very personal, very interactive and very, very interesting.” The head of Google said: “All bets are now smartphone application infrastructure related to the emergence of new competitors seem to offer applications for smart phones, smart phones have become super computer I think this is a completely open market. . ”

US market research firm Gartner forecast: By 2020, Internet of Things will bring an annual $ 30 billion market profits, then there will be 2.5 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things, and will continue to grow rapidly. Huge market potential resulting technology companies in the United States has become a new growth engine, the US companies, including Cisco, AT & T, Axeda, Amazon, Apple, General Electric, Google and IBM, etc., competing to seize in the networking industry’s leading status.

Second, look at the top 500 high-tech layout competing Internet of Things

In January 9 the just-concluded 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the concept of networking has become one of the biggest highlights. Smart home, digital health, car networking product launches, technology makes Internet of Things truly serve the intelligent life.

“Internet of Things is not a trend, it is reality.” Samsung Electronics president and CEO Yin Fu-Gen (YoonBoo-keun) at CES speech, the Internet of Things as Samsung’s key business direction. Yin Fugen Samsung also revealed technical support networking timetable: by 2017, all Samsung TV will become the Internet of Things equipment; Samsung all hardware devices are within five years will support networking.

Coincidentally, the chip giant Qualcomm also disclosed his plans on IOT CES. Qualcomm CEO Derek? A Bole (DerekAberle) represented at CES, the world’s leading high-more than 30 countries launched a networking device 15, relates to digital glasses, child tracking, smart watches and other products. Future, Qualcomm will be smart phones as a fulcrum to expand vehicle networking, medical, wearable devices.

Manufacturing giant also hopes to establish its leadership position in the Internet of Things. General Electric announced last October with a public alliance to build technology giant Internet of Things Union. GE The aim is to solicit support for its Predix platform. Predix software is designed to make all kinds of Internet of Things with intelligent endpoints.

Other cooperation worldwide are also being expanded. Intel have teamed up to San Jose, the use of the strengths of the company, to further promote the city’s “green field of view (GreenVision)” program. Intel’s global networking business development sales director GreggBerkeley said Intel is currently working with twenty or thirty global partners to discuss how to take advantage of Intel’s networking technology to build smart cities, and some cooperation in Asia, some throughout Europe.

Third, the Internet of Things and what difference?

As an extension of the Internet of Things using communication technology to sensors, controllers, machines, people and other objects through a new way of linking together to form objects, Internet of Things were associated with, and it is the end of cloud computing and information entity demand segment associated sensing devices, such joint future within the industry has become an inevitable trend, but also open the field of possibilities for the practical application.

In the past year, cloud computing and big data continues to ferment, networking has become one of the next big trend. What is the relationship between many users for networking and the Internet there is confusion, let’s take a look. What is the Internet? The Internet, also known as the Internet, the Internet, etc., are connected in series between the network and the vast network of networks. The Internet of Things is the English abbreviation is The Internet of Things, that is the material objects connected to the network.

The definition of Internet of Things is through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing device, according to the agreed protocol, to any article connected to the Internet, the exchange of information and communication in order to achieve items for intelligent identification, location tracking, a kind of network monitoring and management. Simply put, Internet of Things on the Internet to establish a ubiquitous network. Important foundation and core networking technology still is the Internet, through a variety of wired and wireless networks and Internet integration, will pass out information in real-time object accurately.

Fourth, the Internet of Things is a new arena, a much too large rivers and lakes than the Internet

Internet in 20 years to help people solve information sharing, interactive, almost instantaneously subvert the many traditional business model to selling products into selling content and services, the industry is a great achievement. Lei Jun said long ago: “The future is no so-called Internet companies, the future of each company have become Internet of Things the company.” The rivers and lakes big enough now.

But the division of understanding, the Internet is just a part of Internet of Things, mainly IT services. Internet of Things because of its “connect all” feature ( “everything is connected” is Ma in 2013 WE Assembly proposed the first signs of the future), it has many new features not available in the Internet. For example, the Internet has connected all of the information and content, to provide standardized services, Internet of Things will have to consider a variety of hardware integration, the application of a variety of scenarios, the differences in people’s habits and other issues. With respect to the Internet of Things needs more depth of content and services, as well as more differentiated applications, will also be more user-friendly, which is consistent with their non-stop pursuit of better service experience, this is just to be everlasting .

Therefore, it can be asserted that the future of the company are all Internet of Things business. They enjoy all the conveniences of Internet of Things, the use of networking tools and technology to produce products of Internet of Things for people to provide networking services.

Fifth, the key technologies of the Internet of Things

According to the characteristics of the Internet, the experts concluded networking applications in three key technologies:

1. Sensor Technology

This is the key technology in computer applications. As we all know, so far most of the digital signal is processed by a computer. Since the sensor has a computer since you need to convert analog signals into digital signals from the computer to process.

2.RFID tag

Is a kind of sensor technology, RFID technology is the integration of radio frequency technology and embedded technology as one of the integrated technology, RFID automatic identification, goods logistics management has broad application prospects.

3. Embedded System Technology

It is a combination of computer hardware and software, sensor technology, integrated circuit technology, electronic applications for the integration of complex technologies. After decades of evolution, embedded systems featuring intelligent terminal products everywhere; small people around MP3, large aerospace satellite systems. Embedded systems are changing people’s lives, and promote the development of industrial production and the defense industry. If the human body to do Internet of Things with a simple analogy, the sensor corresponding to the human eye, nose, skin and other senses, the network is the nervous system to transmit information, the embedded system is the human brain, after receiving the information to be classified deal with. This example is a description of the image sensor, the position and role of embedded systems in the IOT.

In conclusion, we can see that the concept of networking is based on the concept of the Internet, its extension and expansion of the client to any goods and any article carried the concept of a kind of network of information exchange and communication. Internet of Things relations and the concept of Internet of Things is interdependence.


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