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April 21, 2020 GPRS Modems make the city cleaner and more simple

To each bin are fitted with a GPRS module, when put in the garbage reaches a certain level, GPRS DTU through satellite sensor data in a timely manner to pass control center or sanitation workers, that save labor and energy, this sounds very fancy The idea is imminent, this is Otto sanitation GPRS DTU new strategy to bring the trash, it is the wisdom of the city can easily be overlooked, but extremely important part.

images of GPRS modem, GPRS Modems make the city cleaner and more simple

2014, the Shanghai municipal government announced the construction of smart city Shanghai 2014-2016 action plan, through implementation of the “Shanghai Five applications vitality action” building a people-oriented, world-class smart city. Where construction on the municipal environment and waste classification, noting in particular to achieve reliable operation and perfect wisdom GPRS DTU fine chased. The main force to promote the construction of five major projects the city’s comprehensive management, food safety, environmental protection, public security and other areas of information technology and intelligent urban lifeline, a comprehensive urban functions to enhance support Shanghai and safe operation.

According to Xinhua reporter has learned that this new strategy sanitation Otto GPRS DTU brings the wisdom of Shanghai urban construction trash marks entered a substantive stage, trash built-in chip, powered by solar cells, waste disposal sector background in real-time monitoring of rubbish Tank capacity situation, the capacity will be full will send a warning signal, garbage trucks and cleaning vehicles garbage for the first time according to the feedback. Environmental innovation in improving urban sanitation efficiency of resource use while accelerating the development process of intelligent cities.

Deputy General Manager Haiao Figure Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd. Xu Defa told Xinhua reporters that the US government began to focus on early investment in environmental protection, and its environmental protection equipment on the wisdom of the city open to creative and production technology has been leading the world, particularly in solid waste containers and garbage a strong sense of the universal classification problems, this being very dependent on the relevant technical aspects of GPRS DTU.

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