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April 26, 2020 GPRS modules heating program

Case Background

In recent years, the booming smart buildings in large cities, especially in high-tech and economic development zones, high-rise buildings everywhere, a higher general level of intelligence, to people’s lives, work and production has created excellent conditions. But there are also undesirable places, and that is the construction and property management infrastructure can not meet the growing needs, one of which is the heating system. The development of intelligent buildings domain, often set to live, work and production in a specific region, with the increase of the floor, living heating problems have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of heating systems, GPRS module for central heating boilers monitoring becomes extremely important.

Solution Overview

The program is distributed monitoring network for the urban district heating system design. GPRS module can simultaneously on multiple remote site monitoring and control systems, the use of remote communication, keep abreast of the distal end of the operation and quickly make a deal, you can monitor and collect a variety of data for analysis and monitoring centers and departments access to decision-making, improve efficiency, ensure water quality.

System features:

Each remote station using distributed multifunction logger on-site equipment acquisition and communications processing. Using a variety of sensors to measure the water level, pressure, flow, temperature of the working unit can also be used to control all relevant switching valve start and stop. A variety of data from the relevant acquisition then transmitted to the GPRS module, the data labeled by the GPRS module TCP / IP packets are sent to a central monitoring station.

Central control station can be configured by way of remote heating stations, operational monitoring and control unit, pump station sluice operation scheduling and control, crew scheduling and the lower runner drainage control, scheduling sluice gates and send operational control over the network Run pumping station auxiliary equipment control, pumping stations operational data and historical data browsing and querying. Real-time data collection in the field of information and it exists in the database. With strong real-time and high processing efficiency, access to short response time; collect real good interface, through sound and light alarm, GPRS SMS alarm, etc., greatly improving the safety index, to meet their application It needs.

Configuration software features

Monitoring configuration software is based on the development trend of current automation technology, summarizes years of development, practical experience and a large number of user requirements and design and development of high-end products, the products are mainly targeted at the domestic market and the application of high-end automation, enterprise information technology powerful data processing platform. GPRS module data can be collected to form a data report.

Application of results:

After pumping station monitoring system is completed, the GPRS module abundant human-computer links and strong self-diagnostic function to provide maintenance personnel troubleshooting easy. Effectively improve the safe operation of the pumping station level and economic efficiency, greatly reducing the workload of operating personnel, improve the safety index of staff.

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