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April 24, 2020 GPRS modules in the Metering industry

Global gas meter before the professional group in discussions on NB-IoT is also still in the ears, this week to discuss the GPRS module communication in the group once again sparked heated debate! Because GPRS technology is already quite mature now, the group in discussions beyond the technology itself, we can take a look Xiaobian past lives GPRS module!

Development path

From a price perspective, GPRS modules from the earliest excluding taxes 2,000 yuan to several hundred dollars, to around 20 yuan now. This is a big span, this process what happened?

From the earliest industrial chain: GPRS Modules straight line customers watch factory, but due to competitive pressures and cost pressures customers a one-time purchase, the watch factory in the factory with the support gradually developed its own production directly on the GPRS module. Like many electronic products, once successful research mass production, the price will plummet, the module is the same reason.

Product supply chain determines its way of life

The so-called supply chain is actually a systemic whole industry. Now GPRS modules companies seem to have entered a vicious circle: to develop the market, after-care services, but out of the market when the market is mature. This seems to be the magic system, the entire system wants to narrow the distance between themselves and the customer, shorten the supply chain more profit. But now the supply chain is chaotic, we are to avoid this problem and thus steering technology, constantly discuss technical forget the fundamental problem now is difficult to develop meter reading industry supply chain model.

Reading development of the industry for so many years customer demand has still not been covered, not even extracted. He said smart meter reading difficult, difficult, really difficult. But the technology is not difficult, difficult for customers’ needs in a systematic understanding. Yet remain in their own way, scattered loosely scattered stage, and not a whole series, no global view. Coupled with the upstream business for existing interests, would not let go often impede system to a better direction. The design of large-scale systems should be from top to bottom, not from the bottom up, design ideas are errors, how can the correct industrial development. Industry long way to go and now the problem is not technology but to have decision-making power of stakeholders to support a top-down system design.

GPRS modules in the Metering industry


Perhaps the technology industry is not now an urgent problem, need to be resolved is how to zero for the whole, the adjustment of industrial structure, adjust the supply chain? How to make a correct analysis of the demand, to continue for the whole industry professional segment, the final construct a reasonably complete and orderly system? Contradictions truly benefit both to meet the fundamental needs of customers, but also regulated enterprises.

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