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April 23, 2020 How Industrial Router Limited the Data Speed?

How industrial router limited the data speed?


Limited the data speed is a basic function of the industrial router, but how industrial router limited the data speeds?


QoS(Quality of Service)is a secure technology which used to solve network latency and congestion.

Technically, when network is only used for a specific, un-time-limited application such as Web applications, or E-mail application, QoS is not required. But QoS is necessary when the network is used for key applications and multimedia applications. When the jam of network happens, all the data flow may be discarded, but QoS can ensure the important data flow is not delayed or discarded and meanwhile can ensure the efficient transmission of the network.

USRIOT’s industrial router with QoS function can provide high-performance transmission service.

USRIOT's industrial cellular router

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