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How to protect the security of GPRS Modems data transmission on the Internet

GPRS Modem (Data Transfer unit), is designed for the serial data into IP data or IP data to serial data, and transfer the wireless terminal device via a wireless communication network. In different applications, data center IP address and port number, the serial port baud rate is different.

GPRS Modems should support parameter configuration, and the configured parameters are saved in the internal permanent memory device (typically FLASH or EEPROM, etc.). Once powered up, it automatically according to set a good parameter to work. Its convenient and flexible characteristics, widely used in meteorology, hydrology and water resources, geology and other industries. With the rapid development of things, the use of wireless mobile networks (GPRS, CDMA, 3G, 4G) project will be more and more, how to ensure that data transmitted to the public network GPRS Modems data security after it? Especially in some important areas, such as finance, power and other industries.

For high security requirements of the industry, we must ensure the security of data transmission. What are ways to ensure GPRS Modems ensure data security in the use of it? There are two ways to solve: 1, operators of APN or VPDN business. Implementation VPDN tunnel technology is about to enterprise network data encapsulation for transmission in the tunnel. The basic process of tunneling technology is at the interface between the source LAN and public network data as a load is packaged in a can in the public network transmission of data format, at the interface with the public network destination LAN solution encapsulates the data and remove the load.

The logical path is encapsulated packets transmitted over the Internet through which is called “tunneling.” To make the data is encapsulated smoothly, transfer and de-encapsulated, the communication protocol is to ensure that the core. Can be used for cross-regional group intranet, professional information services provider dedicated network, backbone network connection finance public services, banking and other services to access business networks. Practical applications, operators need to open the corresponding business, and for the project to lay a proprietary line job. The disadvantage is that the application cumbersome business procedures, the use of high cost, not suitable for general projects. When you can not apply for special network services, there are other ways to ensure that data is safe? It can only be supported by hardware devices.

GPRS Modems industry generally do not have this feature. Xiamen is that communications companies over the years to research wireless data transmission terminal equipment, the company’s latest product developed a WCTU. Support data encryption, encryption support for DES, 3DES, AES. When configuring the WCTU just start the appropriate settings can take effect. When WCTU data package, according to the DES, 3DES, AES encryption manner. Such data is not concerned about security on the Internet. This feature is convenient and simple to use, should be popularized.

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