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How to Use the Industrial Router Properly

Industrial routers generally require more stability than civilian wireless routers on the market, and more adaptability to continuous work under harsh weather conditions, and at the same time the cost is higher. At present, they are widely used in the M2M industry in the Internet of the Things industry chains, such as smart life, smart power grid, smart transportation, industrial automation, smart building, public safety, environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, and other fields.


1. Use of Industrial Routers

(1). In terms of high forwarding performance and high load, the industrial router is mostly used for data transmission and other functions, if you want to meet so many people`s (hundreds of) wireless Internet needs at the same time, it has a high requirement for router forwarding performance and capacity. However, home routers have low density, small-signal strength, small coverage, limited forwarding performance and limited capacity.

(2). Function positioning: Industrial routers have better performance in this aspect and can meet the high-speed Internet access of more people. Most industrial routers adopt the special processor for a high main frequency network, with strong data processing capacity, longer transmission distance and larger coverage area, which can greatly improve the transmission speed and throughput capacity of the network, and the operation is also very stable.

2. How to Extend the Life of Industrial Routers

Investigation of damage accidents on high-quality industrial 4G routers shows that most of the damage accidents occur in summer. Because the ambient temperature is too high in summer and the router is in a long-term high-speed operation state, 24-hour uninterrupted operation brings great pressure and load to its heat dissipation work. Only by ensuring the continuous and stable heat dissipation of the industrial 4G router can it effectively improve its life and ensure its long-term and stable operation.


3. How to Avoid Frequent Moving of Industrial Routers

After installation, the industrial router should be placed in the same location as much as possible. The location should be smooth and free from excessive vibration. Under normal circumstances, the industry router should not be frequently moved to avoid position confusion of internal components due to vibration, which will affect the heat dissipation or working stability. Frequent moving should be avoided for both industrial routers and common home routers.


4. How do Industrial Routers take Breaks

In principle, reputable industrial routers needs years of uninterrupted operation, but when they are not used in daily life, their power can be cut off to let them rest, and there is no need to disconnect the power frequently for maintenance. For example, set a rest day every quarter or month or set a fixed time every week to fully rest for 1 to 2 hours before continuing to work, so as to improve the life of the industrial 4G router.


There are various ways to maintain industrial routers, and the specific way is according to the actual use. Users do not need to deliberately maintain the router. They only need to choose a specific maintenance method according to the change of space environment conditions, the frequency of use and the severity of space environment. Timely adjustment of maintenance skills is aimed at extending the service life of the router.

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