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April 26, 2020 Huge market potential medical wisdom there are many problems

“Internet + medical wisdom” makes advanced Internet + technology and cross-border integration of health care reform, the health industry has brought vitality. In recent years, with the development of information technology, the Internet + based health education, medical information inquiries, electronic health records, electronic prescriptions and other forms of health care services are quietly changing the traditional model of medical services, Internet + medical wisdom open mode, is into you by my side. With the “Internet +” landing implementation, integration with the Internet + various industries gradually deepened. The “Internet + medical wisdom” makes advanced Internet + technology and cross-border integration of health care reform, the health industry has brought vitality, vigor and new development opportunities.

Domestic medical wisdom are practicing effective progress

Discussion on the medical wisdom of many, it is through the end of things, traditional and mobile Internet +, big data and cloud computing, based on health records regional health information platform for the effective realization of patient-centered, patient, medical personnel, medical institutions, medical equipment Quartet linkage care delivery model.

From the perspective of running stage, medical wisdom is divided into data acquisition, knowledge discovery, remote service in three stages. Three stages of the cycle, and respectively by the Internet of Things technology, big data and cloud computing technology as a core technical support; from the perspective of section composed of three parts wisdom wisdom medical hospital systems, regional health systems, home health system; from the managed object angle, medical wisdom into patient / ordinary management, medical management, medical / pharmaceutical supplies management; demand from the audience point of view, in terms of the public medical wisdom is more convenient, high-quality service experience; in terms of medical institutions are more efficient, low-cost business model; in terms of the medical staff is to optimize the value of their own career advancement; in terms of the regulatory body is more scientific, reliable decision support; in terms of investors is to obtain legitimate interest feedback.

Huge market potential medical wisdom

According to Prospect Industrial Research Institute report predicted that by 2020, the medical wisdom of the scale of construction will exceed 100 billion yuan. With internet + trends, medical wisdom is also developing rapidly, the market has great potential. First, the huge population base and the gap in the market and laid a huge potential for development of medical wisdom. China’s population accounts for 22% of the world’s population, has 980,000 health institutions, the annual amount of 7.3 billion people in the clinic. However, China’s medical and health resources accounts for only 2% of the world. Secondly, my big data and Internet + technology and global synchronization, particularly in the medical field has a relatively strong technical support. Third, medical wisdom is able to intelligently respond to the needs of all parties, ease of urgent medical problems, such as uneven distribution of medical resources, information sharing between the health care system, poor Outpatients inconvenience or costly, frequent conflicts between doctors and patients, health care system is not perfect etc., easily won the national policy support.

Medical wisdom there are many problems

(A) + Internet and data security risks exist

Wisdom of the medical building process will generate huge amounts of data, including personal health information, medical information work, pharmaceutical equipment and information, there is a big security risk. However, the current relevant laws and policies at the national level is still not perfect, such as medical records relevant data protection laws or files ( “Criminal Law,” “Tort Liability Act,” “medical records management regulations” and so on) in mostly declaratory provisions can poor operability.

(Ii) high-tech to be a breakthrough

By the medical wisdom of things, many high-tech big data and cloud computing as the core operation, therefore any related breakthrough technologies will play a pivotal role in both the development of medical wisdom, including FRID intelligent sensing technology, 3G / 4G, etc. information exchange technology, cloud computing and other information processing technology. Specific issues, such as how long can accurately collect data; how to achieve security and stability of the transmission network; how to implement authentication, traceability responsibility; how to build high scalability, high fault tolerance, to meet the different needs of data access access to accommodate high-speed internet growth of medical data scale.

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