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April 23, 2020 Industrial Modem Application Solution in Urban Landscape Lighting

Industrial  application solution in urban landscape lighting

As energy issues become more severe, governments and institutions around the world are under increasing pressure to find ways to improve energy efficiency while reducing costs. Urban landscape lighting, street lamps consume large power, urban landscape lighting infrastructure has high expense and large electricity consumption, which is one of the main cause of energy waste. The use of the Internet of Things can improve this situation and reduce energy waste in urban landscape lighting.


Reduce energy consumption and costs

With smart lighting systems, you can collect data from urban buildings to make smarter, more efficient power usage and maintenance decisions. By linking the front-end lighting devices through the Internet of Things, you can control the lighting landscape of urban buildings more finely, even every street lamp, thus saving energy and reducing operating costs.



According to the lighting requirements of different regions and functions in the city, different power consumption strategies can be formulated. Data of electrical equipment can be transmitted wirelessly to the control center through industrial modem and other Internet of things devices. Analysts can provide personalized lighting requirements through big data analysis.



According to the different working days and rest days, coordinate lighting needs in areas such as transportation and office. Use real-time data to view the operating status of the lights and reduce unnecessary power transportation.


Let your city be a safer place

Daytime is safer than night, because there is light during the day. The smart lighting system of the IoT is likely to make the city a safer place to live, work and visit.

Smart lighting provides citizens with a greater sense of security and a better overall experience because it helps cities improve public safety:

Use responsive lighting in bad weather to increase visibility.

Turn lights on or down immediately to assist emergency rescuers.

Increase lighting in areas with high crime rates to prevent misconduct.

For traffic safety, illuminate the lights in remote areas.

Detect and resolve lighting interruptions faster.


Save money, enhance safety and improve the living

Smart lighting systems offer cities the opportunity to improve public safety while saving energy and reducing overall costs. USR IOT provides an end-to-end IoT solution for smart lighting, enabling utilities, municipalities and other government agencies to easily connect to street lighting and make more wiser usage decisions.

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