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April 26, 2020 Internet of Things Oilfield Construction Control Technology Breakthrough Power Smart Oilfield

Recently, the China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and Beijing Ya Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd. co-developed with independent intellectual property rights of oil and gas production Internet of Things gateway product (referred YD-iPESGR), after seven months of trial operation, the nearly 100% success rate data, the identification of oil and gas production monitoring and control technologies to get Internet of Things breakthroughs.

21st century information age is a core of computer, digital, networked, intelligent features of the times has become the 21st century, networking technology has been applied to all walks of life. The development of networking technology, and it gives businesses the convenience to the construction of Internet of Things intelligent oilfield systems for technical support, it is very necessary.

The oil industry has been contact with the Internet industry, the most widely used in the wireless network is not yet universal era, the oil industry has relied on wired networks to analyze and process a variety of data, at present, oil companies as the basis for the construction of the network, all areas have basically through hierarchical modular design and advanced technology for the wired network coverage, high reliability, openness, flexible scalability, manageability, security, integration as a whole, so that the oil has a network infrastructure certain technical requirements and advanced. However, with the advance of the oil network improvements, the complexity of the business environment and constant development, a lot of professional testing and real-time data transmission can not be carried out in a wired network, the network application system to cause a bottleneck. For example, the geographical complexity, poor environment, limited resources, and so on, the basic cable network can not guarantee real-time transmission of important data. The emergence of these Internet of Things important production systems on the normal lines to increase productivity.

Intelligent Systems project is to meet the oil field daily production run for the constructed oilfield wireless LAN coverage, production management, production monitoring, device management, the results show needs is a set of petroleum exploration and exploitation of information collection, transmission, storage, processing, analysis, publishing, management and application of integrated, standardized, unified, secure, and efficient new modern production and management in one integrated data management application platform. Intelligent network system in the entire field in the wireless network to networking technology as the main body. To the wireless temperature monitoring, wireless vibration monitoring, corrosion monitoring wireless, wireless pressure monitoring, wireless sensing valve, wireless video and so on. So that at all times to monitor the oil temperature, vibration, is the degree of corrosion of the equipment, by the extent of the pressure, as well as the safety valve.

Internet of Things which control technology, is the earthquake zone, the well site, station libraries oilfield manufacturing site as a source of data collection points; automated data acquisition devices (such as sensors), via fiber optic local area network, GPRS / CDMA, microwave communications network, WIFI and other means of transmission, the seismic data, the formation and the wellbore data downhole measurements, wellhead measurement equipment operation and fluid property data and other massive data real-time acquisition into the information management Center data warehouse; data in accordance with the scientific processes such as data model organization and management, on the basis of a large number of business models through knowledge integration, through the application of intelligent recognition, data integration, mobile computing, cloud computing and other technologies, and thus support a comprehensive study of petroleum geology, reservoir analysis and other scientific research and online simulation, complete production of real-time diagnosis, results of scientific research to support oil production of integrated decision-making, decision-making information is fed back to the manufacturing site and then complete environmental monitoring, unit integration, process simulation, optimization and control parameters.

Currently construct oilfield Internet of Things, focus on efficient and reliable perception, that is a reservoir, the well site, pipeline, station libraries provide a high level of information collection solutions and high-quality monitoring and control equipment; cloud computing, networking oilfield the nerve center of the key information transmission and processing, namely the depth of integration with the oil industry networking expertise, combined with the needs of the oil industry, the oil industry to achieve intelligent calculation; optimization control, intelligent control of single well, the ability to coordinate infusion , security and energy-smart regulation, oil and gas production optimization.

Internet of Things break oilfield monitoring and control technology, the development of intelligent field acquire forward, change is not out of reach.

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