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April 26, 2020 Internet of Things used in the security industry have hindered still worth the wait

In recent years, the development of Internet of Things Center Technology Transfer model innovation, service capacity increases, technology increasingly rich means of exchange, has become the backbone of the Internet of Internet of Things technology transfer services system. Sales revenue in 2014 is expected to reach 600 billion yuan of Internet of Things, an increase of more than 30% of Internet of Things development of the integrated growth rate of over 30%. As an important part of the new generation of information technology, networking technology in the security industry applications also contributed to the further development of the security industry, under the mutual promotion of networking and smart security, networking security to a new height, to play a greater role.

Application Status

China started to explore and research networking technology early and initial success, since the perception of video technology is one of the most important Internet of Things the application of technology, and China’s security industry has been committed to the development of video surveillance technology and security systems integration platform, representing early mastered the core technology of the development of Internet of Things, so the networking technology and security systems integration platform is closely related to the development of the internet of Internet of Things security industry provides a powerful technical support. Currently networking technology has been applied in many areas of security systems integration platforms, including smart cities, the financial sector, political and legal industries, industrial production, energy and environmental monitoring, and has broader industry scalability.

Security industry contributed a great deal of effort in the development of networking technology in the process of composition. In turn, networking video, intelligent, GPS, sensor technology and other core applications, it has been initially applied in the security industry smart city, the financial sector, POLITICAL industry, industrial production, energy, environmental monitoring, etc., for the entire security intelligence and information industry to provide more space, and promote the rapid growth of the security industry from technology, markets, applications and other multi-angle, to promote the future development of the security industry, security systems integration platform to enhance the level of management is important.

Internet of Things applications in the field of security breakdown

Intelligent Transportation: Internet of Things security applied to the transport sector, mainly vehicle charging system, vehicle mount system, parking management, vehicle management, and illegal traffic management. Currently, intelligent security in a dominant position, Internet of Things are secondary, the future will be the establishment of intelligent transportation system, such as by varying degrees of congestion on transport charges, which can regulate car use to a certain extent, reduce carbon emissions, so that people travel more environmental protection.

Wisdom Community: With the development of technology, the modern community has begun to gradually move towards digital, intelligent community. Wisdom Community Security to connect the lighting system, alarm equipment, access control systems, parking management systems and wireless video intercom system, via a central platform to manage all of the intelligence system. Real-time monitoring, network surveillance, alarm, information sharing, so as to provide weather protection for the community.

Smart Home: Internet of Things Security provides flexible and convenient for a family of intelligent management, through a control platform, intelligent home appliances, monitoring devices, sensors, alarm devices to manage. We can open the heater or air conditioner fifteen minutes or so before going home via phone, you can turn on microwave ovens, washing machines and other appliances via smart phones. Home indoor warning system in case of an accident at home unattended, automatically trigger an emergency alarm device and linkage alarm, notify the police immediately rushed to the scene, to protect our families safe.

Financial Security: The bank has been a leading practitioner of new technologies, networking security in the banking industry has broad application prospects. As we all know, all the bank security service area are classified as high-risk rating, its offices, automated banking, business outlets, treasury and other areas have implemented a comprehensive security measures, but these regions are still some traditional security technology is difficult to guard against Security risks. Internet of Things Security can extend traditional security technologies, each business will be consolidated supervision of regional banks, such as treasury personnel, such as cash drawers to locate and track, in the event of an emergency start robbery alarm system, and the control device can quickly activate contingency plans, locking the vault door, start the audio and video capture device forensics, do the preliminary disposal to deal with the subsequent police officers.

Security Prison: Prison management and intelligent video analysis of the combination of technology, the use of cross-border detection to monitor the prison walls, replace the traditional infrared radiation. At the same time, but also on the number of prisoners were statistics on the foremen conduct off-site monitoring and other functions, which can effectively reduce manpower while improving supervision. The Internet of Internet of Things technologies into prison information among existing information can greatly improve the prison system, smart, initiative, and other full coverage level, greatly reducing the rank of police and repeated mechanical work to further improve their efficiency; the same time, greatly enhance the overall safety level and management level prisons. The introduction of Internet of Internet of Things technology will create a prison information, intelligence, modern New.

Internet of Things applications in the field of security breakdown

Building security: As intelligent building security, networking is much to accomplish. According to the National Security Center, there are many cities began to use networking technology security system for the new security windows. Fence with traditional anti-theft window is different from the ordinary people in the 15 meters outside the basic invisible security windows, approached will be found covered with a thin mesh on the windows, separated by 5 cm from the root of a thin steel wires, and connected with the residential security systems monitoring platform. Once the steel wires are cut or the strong impact, the system will instantly alert. From the fire point of view, this new security windows also facilitate residents to escape and get help.

In recent years, China’s major cities have begun construction of smart city projects, which accelerated the popularity of intelligent transportation, urban management, social security and other concepts to make Internet of Things to the rapid development in the field of security. Internet of Things Security Systems business more widely, the application of more intelligent, more accurate data. Internet of Things for the security industry to establish a deeper level, a higher level to share information management platform, to change the message interaction between the various departments of the situation is not clear, while the application of networking technology security systems more intelligent by intelligence the application of technology, will gather, manage, and video applications are more effective treatment. Development of Internet of Things will make the security system integration platform towards intelligence, integration, information technology direction.

Application Bottleneck

Although in recent years the Internet of Internet of Things technology in security systems integration platform has made some development, but to really achieve integrated platform of Internet of Things, but also need long-term efforts. The main bottlenecks are the following:

1, networking technology limitations: the sensor is an important foundation of Internet of Things, because of the diversity and complexity of the sensor technology, the Internet of Internet of Things is facing more than technical problems. Moreover, the intelligent networking technology, information technology and precision of the yet to be continue to develop, so far there are some limitations in the application of networking technology security systems integration platform.

2, security companies to build integrated security platform limitations: the current domestic mainstream security vendors have developed their own security systems integration platform, due to the production and the limitations involved in the field of enterprises, the number of devices integrated platform development accessible , types and areas are limited, there is no a security integration platform can all relate to all areas of networking applications all integrated together.

3, the lack of different industries targeted massive data integration and application: all walks of life have different needs for different characteristics of the industry, will have different data, therefore each security integration platform when it comes to different industries, it tends to polarize an industry-based application platform, and the same security companies in different industries might not be the platform data integration and application integration, application integration, and therefore the mass of data for all industries is a bottleneck of development.

4, the lack of relevant industry standards: Since the core and foundation of networking technology is still the Internet technology, Internet technology is based on the extension and expansion of a network technology, at present most of the domestic security vendors are developing their own independent security system integration platform and front-end equipment, adopt technical standards are not unified, not an authoritative industry standards, resulting in integrated security platform of Internet of Things very difficult.

Applications of Industry

Internet of Things technology toward more complex and more precise direction to deepen development, but also toward the more refined and deepen the development of specific industries, close to the actual application, and the formation of industry standards; technology application is more specific to the industry and the industry of the proposed the different needs.

Application Integration

Internet of Things technology to rely on the background of Internet of Things, as the security monitoring large platform to develop more integrated, more intelligent, they are under the jurisdiction of the branch will be more detailed.

Application of Intelligent

With the continuous development of networking technology in security systems integration platform applications will become increasingly common and practical functionality will be more mature, intelligent applications will be more cross-industry, security systems integration platform will help Internet of Things technologies, toward a more intelligent, practical direction.


Internet of Things technology has brought technology and innovation management methods to market security systems integration platform, we believe that with the continuous development of technology, the continuous integration of networking and security industry, the future security system integration platform will integrate networking features, toward the intelligent, the direction of information technology strides forward, let us wait and see.

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