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April 24, 2020 Internet of Things commitment to our future intelligent life

Countless things are closely related to us, for us to sleep, eat, work, play serve – in the morning we wake up from the bed, it is possible to use the shower head, toothbrush, steering wheel, watches, lunch boxes, stoves, blenders and refrigerator. If these objects have their own “idea” what would you think?

Internet of Things precisely the “if” into action. It is a physical object, and augmented by sensors embedded wireless capabilities, then sends a signal to each place output data returned our phone. Importantly, it is not just a hypothetical, billions of dollars of equipment already exists, according to McKinsey’s analysis, in 2025 the market is expected to reach a value of $ 11 billion.

This is the next big opportunity to do Internet of Things?

These projections may have underestimated the full potential of the Internet of Things, because the “substance” of goods is unlimited, unlike certain other commodity markets.

What this means for the average person? Although their integration is almost progressive, but the possibility of Internet of Things we can touch every moment of every day and change our way of life, and our lives.


Most of us who are given the alarm to get up, or else they might miss an important meeting. Alarm Clock is a perfect microcosm of Internet of Things, because many of us who have been using a cell phone or electronic clock to finish the job. Kello smart alarm clock is a good example, keep track of your program to improve your sleep and plan how to wake you up. If so, when you get a little something to struggle, it has become more pleasant bar.

Internet of Things commitment to our future intelligent life

There are many people in the morning to shower. Many people think that to save water in the shower is a very strange thing, but smart shower head can help us. evadrop using an internal thermal sensor to track the temperature of the water to make it up to your desired temperature, and then adjust or cut off the flow of water through it or you directly flowed elsewhere. Ultimately, it can be reduced by 50 per cent water.

There are some features, you can record your toothbrush brushing habits, to provide dental care tips. Tracking data such as sleep quality, bathing and brushing can reshape our how about a better quality of life.


Car, expected in 2020 all new vehicles will be connected to the Internet. That means more intelligent vehicles, with traffic lights, signs, pedestrians and other cars interaction and passengers safer. One day soon, the car will be part of and fully automated, so that the driver is more relaxed.

” Internet of Things ” four reasons to be excited

Connected car driver in the morning means less pressure, making them more easily adjusted for working days. As a bonus, perhaps you want to drink a cup of coffee, maybe you can install a smart container like Ember. This clever container can keep your beverages the perfect temperature of up to two hours or longer, and can be regulated by your smart phone at any time.


Many workplaces have been used to connect, communicate with employees through information service work screen, communications, such as Slack, e-mail and cloud operating system. Internet of Things may be implemented as Nest smart thermostat temperature control simple or complex intelligent lighting system, track employee control patterns of energy use in the workplace.

For individual employees, track position sensors, motion can upload personal data and optimize your time. For example, a device can be realized you late for the meeting, and then appropriately adjust the schedule, or help you book in advance a cup of Starbucks. While this may mean more equipment management, but it is also possible to create more efficiency in the day.

You may even want a smart boxes like prepd pack, Kickstarte produce a product with the application, allowing users to record diet and upload it to a social network

At night

After work, you can plan your exercise program – Internet of Things fitness apparel today’s networking equipment to provide the highest form of service. From the connection to the wearable shoes ,, calculate the number of steps people and track calories burned, inspire us or increased health activities daily or weekly basis.

Internet of Things commitment to our future intelligent life

On your way home, you can consult your smart refrigerator, which will let you know what you can cook dinner, if you need to select anything from the market, you can find out information such as calorie products, reduce waste and make your weekly meal plans to be more accurate.

Finally, Internet of Things can affect your sleep cycle. As you might guess, the mattress can be as smart as any other object – even a mattress cover. Eight sleep system manufacturers believe that their products can change people’s sleep patterns, adjust the settings according to the user’s lifestyle. Mattress accessories can even communicate with other devices in your home,

Internet of Things will strengthen and simplify our lives and daily route. But the Internet of Things you really want to pay more attention to safety devices, including the secure transmission of data, and the user’s personal information. Everyone wants in their lives can be integrated into new devices, sensors and technology, and only one person handling and use of such possibilities are almost endless.

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