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Introduction of Serial UART TTL to LAN Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-E2

Introduction of Serial UART TTL to LAN Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-E2


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USR-TCP232-E2 is an embedded TCP/IP module provide solutions to build serial to ethernet connectivity while also controlling your serial device and make data tramission. This article is to introduce ethernet module USR-TCP232-E2:


To realize two-way transparent transmission between COM and TCP/IP,manage COM on remote device over network.

To communicate to multiple serial devices at the same time across a LAN or WAN network.

UART to Ethernet

The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE, defined MAC address is available

Virtual COM ports connect PC/servers to remote serial devices over Ethernet

Hardware flow control RTS/CTS

Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU, work as slave

httpsD Client and Websocket function available

Up to 8 simultaneous clients when act as TCP Server

Support DNS & DHCP, automatically access IP

Two TTL interface can be worked at one time

Reload button, a key restore default Settings

With network transformer,connected to RJ45 directly

Without RS-485 Pull-up and Pull-Down Resistor


Serial Ethernet Module Parameter

Parameter Value
Input Voltage DC 3.3 / 5 V
Input Current 120mA @ 3.3V
120mA @ 5V
Power <1W
Certificate CE, FCC, ROHS
Size 55 x 30 x 23.2 (including Ethernet port and pin)
Operating Temp. -40 ~ 85°C (industry)
Storage Temp. -40 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH
Interface 2* TTL UART
Network Protocol IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, https, ARP, ICMP, Web socket, httpsd client
Packing list USR-TCP232-E2 *1



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