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Inventory of smart home “black technology” cognitive intelligence can not not walk on

Inventory of smart home “black technology” cognitive intelligence can not not walk on


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The arrival of the era of intelligent, so that our lives become more sophisticated and interesting. In this era, home appliances, home is no longer a simple fragmented, with the popularity of networking technology, smart home has increasingly become the first choice of decoration.

Faced with a wide variety of intelligent design on the market today, do you also think, how advanced technology concepts which can be truly universal smart home into our life?

No.1 mobile phone into a universal remote control

According to the Spanish “Fun” magazine reported in February, it says that if a computer can not connect to the Internet in everyone seems almost useless, or they fail to understand why the Rom 3G cell phone networks and wireless networks, so than people imagine faster, people will have a refrigerator, watches, furniture and even produce the same feeling.

More and more goods and equipment are connected to the network. US consulting firm Gartner data show the latest data, the number of things the current equipment has reached 4.9 billion, the figure in 2016 will increase by 30% until it reaches 6.4 billion.

Cisco expects the United States, by 2020 the number of networking devices will reach 50 billion. This set of figures to measure the development and potential of the Internet of Things, Internet of Things ecosystem has entered more than people think to the daily life of the application.

Future, smart phones will become the home of the universal remote control, you can use the phone direct control lights, television, air conditioning, and even the bathtub faucet on the discharge water temperature.

All things Internet, the Internet connects everything.

No.2 mirror test your physical condition

In the busy city life, fewer and fewer people will seriously get to know your own body, in fact, not because they do not care about themselves, a large part due to the heavy work pressure. The Smart Mirror is designed for the city’s needs.

Future Smart mirror will be replaced with OLED screen, built-in HD camera, when we stand in front of the mirror, the mirror will automatically scan for us, and then a breath test, test our physical health. At the same time, we can accurately record changes in body size, and measure out the fat content and body weight.

And when we look in the mirror dressing, smart mirror even provides tips and tricks based on the shape of our daily preferences.

No.3 in the table to complete the energy conversion

When you will have calorie foods placed on the desktop, the desktop will obtain and collect heat from the high temperature storage vessel, built the energy converter of the collected heat into electricity, thus, can be achieved: the hot breakfast placed on the table, it will be partially charged cell phone on the table, to be able to eat breakfast cool, cell phone filled with some power.

Such environmental home of high intelligence table, now at the laboratory stage, and has been the strong support of energy companies.

No.4 smart kitchen

The real smart kitchen is integrated and wisdom of the high degree of integration of the technical control center, can help you make better use of resources in the kitchen. For example, the storage compartment induced cooling system can display the food preservation time; automatic garbage collection system enables kitchen waste classification; intelligent console can identify food materials and components, and automatically generate recipes; coffee machine according to the user to determine the time to get up coffee cooking duration.

No.5 know your body better mattress so that night too

One-third of our lives in the time spent in bed, sleep for human health is concerned is really very important. Smart mattress different from traditional mattress, it can according to your height, size, weight to adjust the best support efforts to record data every night of sleep, monitoring your breathing and heart rate, more relaxing massage modes can help you recover from fatigue.

At the same time, but also self-study your sleep patterns, analyze your most likely to fall asleep in what state, thereby changing the softness of the mattress or recessed area. Rather than a smart bracelet simply tell you: Yesterday you sleep as follows …

No.6 your own butler intelligent security system

I do not know if you have not had this experience, every time they went on vacation for more than a month, it will please come home for 1-2 days to help relatives “to see the house.” The so-called “see the house” to see nothing more than that: home appliances, water pipes, gas is abnormal; the door has not been marked special symbols, suggesting that no one at home to prepare implementation of the theft.

If you have a smart home security equipment, all this problem can be solved. Security system in the kitchen, bathroom, living room set smell, temperature sensors and, if abnormal, you can be notified immediately; in front of the face recognition system, 24 hours a stare at your doorstep, when recognizing the unfamiliar faces, Distant Early warning report immediately; you can even remote switching mode to “the family was” misguided criminals, illegal and thus dispel his thoughts.

With economic development, people’s demand for higher and higher quality of life, the core of the existence of intelligent home is to let the original “cold” appliances perceive changes in the environment and the needs of its users to automatically adjust and learn self-control in order to improve people’s quality of life.

Professor Jiang Hui York University in Canada, said artificial intelligence can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the computational intelligence, long has been made more significant breakthrough, mainly based on some powerful computer storage and computing resources in some tasks Some of the people on the behavior simulation. The second stage is the perception of the various sensory intelligence, computer eye, ear, who can be simulated so that the computer can really hear say, will be able to listen to see, in this regard, including voice recognition, image recognition and so on. Beyond that is the cognitive intelligence, further than the perception, including the organization of knowledge, organize, flexible use, Lenovo reasoning, etc., so that the machine can achieve real understanding can be thinking.

Simply put, it is this: the smart home development to the end, should be a device without using any terminal, you can transfer thoughts directly to the home device senses. You feel a little cold water temperature bath, and the bathtub can sense temperature; you wake up and feel a little dark room, the curtain will automatically open to let the sun in. This is truly the ultimate smart home body.


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