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IOT to industrial explosive growth in five years

IOT more and more fire, where the number of industrial IOT even worse. Although today the networking industry start-up company after another, but to identify the product and the direction is not an easy task.

IOT to industrial output value in five years or explosion of 151 billion

Boston LuxResearch data analysis company in January this year released a report on the networking industry, model data, as of 2020, the global networking industry output will reach 151 billion US dollars.

IssacBrown analysts of the company, he said that the data in the report or conservative, according to his personal opinion, IOT will be the industry’s most promising investment direction in an interview, will reach $ 5 trillion in market size.

For market space, there is no doubt: the sheer size. IssacBrown said that due to the data model, many are based on estimates, so in fact, can not accurately predict the future market capacity. Let us look at the sensor on the report recently released data, we recorded all predictions about future global sensor market, we forecast different, and for the definition of the sensor, we are not the same.

IOT industry is very broad application scenarios, such as water and electricity utilities data, vehicle data, irrigation data, and other data for various walks of life, it should be recorded. In order to support data transmission and storage, you might need a variety of servers, satellite, ultra-low-power wireless local area network, traffic transmission services, etc., which may add up to billions every day to produce cost.

Currently, most of these data are stored on the plant’s own server, because of cost, ease of use and value of the consideration, the use of cloud server to store data networking will gradually spread. Brown expressed its enterprise-class cloud storage is optimistic about the market first. IOT followed a one-stop data processing platform. We need a so-called Internet of IOT platform, thousands of IOT start-up companies, as well as several large networking company, will develop a new networking platform, providing customers with data storage and analysis services.

Then, we have hundreds of analytical and operational service providers, to provide customers with large data processing business, while both benefit from the dealer or system integrator will. After the outbreak of industrial IOT, no doubt there will be numerous outsourcing services side, all the products and services mentioned above packaged together and sold as a service, create value and charge a fee. He also believes that the future of industrial networking market can be divided into three separate parts, equipment tracking, environmental monitoring, cargo tracking, personnel tracking.

When asked about the proportion of these parts, Brown indicates it had not been modeled, but according to their own intuition in the industry, the next five years, the tracking device will occupy 35% of the production value, environmental monitoring will occupy 30% 20% of cargo tracking, personnel tracking accounted for 15%.

But these categories are not completely separate, he cited the example of FedEx, FedEx needs to track all of their assets, equipment, goods, people, and environmental monitoring. You can monitor the status of the vehicle by way of networking, monitoring weather conditions, positioning of goods in the warehouse, and track drivers.

Brown believes, equipment tracking and environmental monitoring will be the most promising. For safety and timeliness, more and more business owners hope the old system networking, or using the new system of IOT, and many companies have started to move. He also mentioned that the industrial production in order to improve the yield of energy conservation, monitoring of the production environment is not new. In fact, these technologies in the field of IOT industry is already quite well developed.

At the same time, logistics, and cargo tracking system will be another huge market in the cluster and storage management, we have been many mature programs. Consumer and medical fields, so that everyone can have access, “There is no doubt that unlimited potential.”

But he also pointed out that, although this is also the industrial areas of focus of IOT, but in the near term the market capacity is still relatively small. Someone has already started to move, not only wearable augmented reality devices to ensure the safety of construction workers wearable device shipments is growing.

For the current dynamic venture, Brown said he had noted the number of investment cases. Institutional investors tend to pure networking platform early, and IOT such as ElectricImp data analysis tools mnubo. The company’s products applicable to a wide range, a huge market space, so well have to invest funds from financial institutions, but in my opinion, the value of these master key did not so much.

Brown more in love with the product direction narrow gate class. If narrower field of start-up companies, industry pain points to be addressed more clearly, perhaps there is a greater chance of being a large company’s attention and get investment. Brown cited the example of Sigfox, the company narrowband transmission technology designed IOT dedicated transmission network, can replace cellular communications technology. Although the establishment of the base station as mobile as required, but at a lower cost, the number of large-scale support for more devices. For example, users hardware costs as little as $ 1, the lowest annual communication costs can also be reduced to $ 1, there are disadvantages, of course, that is a low transmission rate, the fastest speed is only 100bps, but for many of the IOT that scene enough. Another significant advantage is low power consumption, is one percent of traditional cellular communication power. Because of this technical solution to make up for the shortcomings of the mobile phone network, very promising, he has received a number of investments in the French mobile communications company in the future. Financing early in 2015 reached 100 million euros.

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