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April 23, 2020 Is there any relation between 5G and IoT?

Many people regard the IoT as one of the important USES of 5G, but there is no necessary relation between the IoT and 5G. Currently, only 1–5% of IoT applications are based on or depend on 5G.


Why 5G has no necessary relation with IoT?

1. The massive M2M defined by 5G is not widely used in real life. Even the current Shared bikes do not need large-scale high-density access.

2. Most IoT applications still rely on short distance communication, because of price, chips, modules, network equipment, and TCO, the cost of short distance communication is the lowest. 5G-related chip systems and terminals are expensive, if 5G is used for the IoT application, the cost will increase several times.

3. If 5G is used to carry wide-area IoT access, it is required extensive network coverage which also requires a large amount of network investment, because 5G is generally operating in a high-frequency band, which requires the deployment of more base stations and network equipment.

4.Many IoT applications do not need 5G functions of high bandwidth, low latency, such as smart meter reading or other application scenarios, 80% of IoT applications have a high tolerance for delay.


Cellular IoT believes that the coming of 5G will greatly promote the development of the IoT. In some fields, network delay may cause security accidents. Once 5G is put into commercial use, it will rapidly drive the development of this field, such as unmanned driving. 5G has no necessary relation with IoT. 5G can drive the development of some industries, which is an inevitable trend of technological development. The development of 5G is conducive to the further application of the IoT.


USR IOT as a communication expert of industrial IoT, focus on serial data networking communication in IoT and M2M field. And we are Look forward to cooperate with you, welcome to contact with us!

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