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April 26, 2020 More than just smart home: service robots will be aiming for?

Widely used robots can be said that the twenty-first century, the automatic control of the most convincing achievement. With the addition of artificial intelligence, robotics is no longer restricted to industrial areas, but to a more broad range of applications expanded. Among them, since the service robots can replace humans do a lot of dangerous and complex task, the liberation of human labor burdens and other advantages, quickly becoming the new force in the robot market.

It is noteworthy that, with the further development and popularization of intelligent robots smart home technology, human-computer interaction, medical equipment, service robots are expected to become even more after computers, mobile phones, ordinary families strong consumer electronics products.

What service robot can do?

As the new face of the robot family, for service robots currently we do not have a clear definition. However, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) After several years of collected, gave a preliminary definition of service robots: service robots is a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous robots work, it can complete the work beneficial to human health services.

Also, according to the user, different service robot use environment can be broken down into two categories. One is for personal and family use service robot, such as mopping robots, entertainment robots; the other is including surgical robots, robot, including the professional fire service robots.

Like other countries, China’s aging phenomenon more and more serious, a young couple to support 4-8 elderly people, but also to raise a child. So, they make money and support their families in between everywhere at once, increasing pressure of work, to accompany their children and care for the elderly but less time. Thanks to this, the service robot emerged.

In humanoid intelligent “steward”, its own having a simple fetch good touch operation of the robot arm, and by IMU (inertial measurement unit) and auxiliary beacons to track and correct its position. When the owner is also immersed in a dream, the robot butler has come to the kitchen, turn on the water heater and skillfully rice cooker switches. When young people are out of work at home, leaving only the elderly and children, do not worry, because the robot will use to install surveillance cameras in the head, in the house carry out independent inspections, monitoring electronics, smoke room status.

However, intelligent housekeeper is not yet universal. At this stage, sweeping robots, entertainment robots and other machinery, and medical care is the backbone of the service robot market. Recently, Japan’s Hitachi announced a code-named EMIEW3’s new humanoid robot. It can identify specific sounds in noise, but also need help guests discretion and initiative to provide services. In addition, EMIEW3 also has multi-lingual response, falls getting up, take the initiative to provide assistance and other functions, can afford shopping guide, reception and other tasks.

Smart home, or will become the main application areas of service robots

Industry data from around the world shows that the growth rate will be far more service robot industrial robots, shoulder the biggest growth industry “engine” of the task. In fact, this result is predictable, as compared to industrial robots, service robots closer to people’s needs, but also a broader application scenarios.

It is noteworthy that, in the service robot, domestic robot market, especially impressive. Some experts predict that within the next three years, personal / household service robots worldwide sales will reach 25.9 million units, the market size reaching a high of $ 12.2 billion.

Current home robot basically perform a single function, such as cleaning the cleaning, care, etc., the user experience is far from ideal. Experts believe that this situation is mainly the lack of depth of the service robot learning capability, it failed to recognize the user’s intent. With the depth of the development and popularization of artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning, ant colony algorithm, immune algorithm technology will be applied to the service robot system. Means that the learning ability of service robots will eventually be comparable with the people, the complex and uncertain environment at home will no longer be hindered.

Currently, the major domestic industry giants, such as Haier and beauty in the home service robot field staking their claims, service robots will be the wisdom of an important part of the home is the consensus of the industry. Therefore, in the service of artificial intelligence robot’s role is particularly crucial. How to give service robots more powerful “anthropomorphic” function, there is no doubt that this industry will be the firm’s direction.

Conclusion: the development of science so that once only appeared in science fiction movies of service robots gradually into reality. Especially in the last two years, the domestic smart home hot, but also to the home-based service robot provides a breeding ground. Future service robots that go in, I believe has been very clear.

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