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April 26, 2020 In the layout Telematics Who is most qualified to talk about the future?

Media friends joked, CESAsia become China’s second show. More correctly, the show became a corporate network of the Smart car automobile platform: from car manufacturers, Internet companies, emerging businesses products: unmanned vehicles, vehicle networking, smart car and so endless. Ask, in many areas of Internet Explorer in the car, who is more qualified to be the leading edge?

A few years ago, some friends and I try to do car large data processing and algorithms, support for three years, and not very successful. I give the deepest feelings is too concentrated resources in this area. Traditional consciousness level data collection terminal, between the data processing terminal and data execution end, no clear boundaries, often leading and execution at the hands of one end. This time the impact of pure intermediate end, both the lack of adequate resources, and the lack of the most export enough to unlock value.

Therefore, in the network of the Smart car in the field, leaving enough resources to talk about the car networking is more like water of the month, the mirror of the flower. So most of intelligent network linking properties exhibits more to stay in prototype stage even PPT.

Driving a big data networking resource distribution pattern of the early, whether it has the above-mentioned core resources, the key lies in the layout of the time. There are two categories, has a unique advantage in resources acquisition and processing.

First, car manufacturers, especially carmakers most advantage early layout data collected are typical Chevrolet, it is one of the first car layout in networking automotive brands, and as early as after the first market to other manufacturers the attempt.

Just past the near Beijing Motor Show and CES show, Chevrolet are brought its concept car CHEVROLET-FNR, Mai Rui Bao XL full-hybrid vehicle, Mai Rui Bao XL2.5L models, as well as the Chevrolet Cruze – Year: Wars customized version. At the same time work together OnStar, Chevrolet show together in smart technology, mobile Internet, green travel and other areas of forward-looking ideas and results.

Internet industry attention inlet flow concept, Baidu also due to the flow rate at the entrance to dominate create unique value. Traffic car field is the concept of networking, data show that, at present, GM has nearly 500 global vehicle networking technology patents. By the end of 2016, there will be 12 million vehicles equipped with OnStar traveling around the world.

This means there will be 12 million data support points, will support the GM to make a more accurate study of consumers driving habits, car design, car finance, car insurance, etc., to better meet consumer demand for products, which It is currently any other car manufacturers do not have the stuff.

Therefore, deals with Internet companies, deals with emerging companies, everyone in the car to discuss the concept of networking, apart from the dazzling PPT, who has the resources to support this?

In addition to the inlet flow of resources, as well as export and create value. We collected data to sort, extract the core values, how to value a reality, it is very important. This aspect, Chevrolet from MY DRIVE (Driving performance), MYLINK (humane drive to enjoy science and technology), MY SAFETY (Intelligent reliable security) three share the latest leading technology, these three areas are exported to create value:

MYDRIVE embodies driving control, including GFE hybrid system, turbocharged SIDI direct injection engine technology, chassis technology, vehicle weight, and many other advanced technology to achieve optimum handling.

MYLINK intelligent vehicle interconnected system is embodied in the drive to enjoy, it is the first wireless dual-screen interactive mapping function, and early access to the in-car entertainment systems after-market services. The networking of the car with a forward-looking technology, including Apple Carplay vehicle network, 4G LTE wireless hotspot, Onstar OnStar Automatic Crash, emergency rescue system, condition detection systems.

MYSAFETY embodies safety, including radar detection technology, APA automatic parking assist, ACC adaptive cruise, LDW + LKA lane departure warning and lane keeping, PAEB front pedestrian detection and Brake Assist, VSC vehicle rescue and other auxiliary electronic intelligent active safety configuration, and a large proportion of ultra high strength (thermoforming) steel safety body and the like.

These aspects are the most valuable car in networking place, but also a lot of Internet companies and auto companies do not have a place.

Second, consumer habits cognitive enterprises, especially business travel navigation map, based on huge data resources and market data on the whole has a unique cognitive abilities. Some time ago, Wei East High German once wrote that: “Navigating the past decade mainly in guiding people to the owners more accurate instruction, so that owners make the right moves, guide owners to drive, this is the navigation state. future autopilot is to lead people into a mechanical guide, a map now has a name above a lot of roads, traffic, the future may be some data of the parameter properties, so that the machine can distinguish, can replace the owners do judgment and driving. ”

This is the car networking field, especially in the core areas of smart car. So let the machine to identify the need for adequate capacity and infrastructure. Then we also see high moral map first quarter report released this report and let us know Jinan China is the most congested city, Shanghai-called congestion only ranked No. 12 national ranking.

Meanwhile, more details have been disclosed. Compared with last year, including each city congestion, different regions, different industries in front of the congestion. These data reflect a certain extent, the entire Chinese transportation truest state of the automotive design, research and marketing has become the most valuable information. Why do some models listed on the best-selling, why some models in different regions far different welcome degree? Behind the data can make these things into anticipation, this is a big data core value to be referred to the Board the results under high Deb resources.

So, when talking about the car networking, discussion network of the Smart car, when not simply label it can be called car networking. If less than the pre-layout, or lack of late development, will be a pseudo-concept, and really let the people benefit car networking, similar to snow Folan Mai Rui Bao XL has been quietly traveling on the road.

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