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April 26, 2020 Logistics for wisdom and trends

In recent years, the wisdom of logistics has attracted fervent concern of the community, then in the end what the logistics can be called wisdom logistics it? Recently, the Department of Housing and Town Branch will execute wisdom Logistics group leader, Beijing Jiaotong University, associate professor and in substance Vice President of design Association (Beijing) Lu Qin logistics Engineering at the National Symposium on intelligent logistics logistics in-depth interpretation of wisdom, wisdom logistics framework and understanding trends were discussed, the following is the speech recording.

Building housing portion defining a plurality of batches of a total of 300 smart city pilot project, in line with the construction of smart city, Department of Housing and Urban Studies was established 18 school groups to promote the construction of smart city. Wisdom Logistics Group, started in April last year, was formally established in October. Since last October the establishment, we have been committed to promoting the wisdom logistics landing in the city.

Today I am with you to discuss our understanding of the structure and wisdom logistics trends. Today, mainly from three aspects to expand, first what we want to solve the “What is wisdom?” And the second is the content of “wisdom” attempt to describe the meaning of wisdom logistics constitute the third Content of wisdom Logistics development trend.

First, what is “wisdom”

“Wisdom” is now a fashionable word, is not as long to catch the Internet, you plug in the “wisdom” of the wings? What kind of state is the state of wisdom, the wisdom of what logistics is logistics? To answer the first wisdom Logistics Construction these questions.

“Wisdom” is a guide to all things by understanding the idea. Among these there are two major points: knowledge and guidance around these two priorities, the formation of the “wisdom” of the basic structure. Like a wise man formation, understanding of things is based on perception, only in order to be perceived things to our attention, it may enter our thought process. People perceive the world tool senses, such as sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc., through which people get things size, material, temperature, odor and other basic information. Wisdom is building in the physical world, the perception by sensors, mobile phones, RFID (radio frequency technology) and other equipment to achieve, they are like human senses, it is a tool for data acquisition, data acquisition basis to establish the physical world. Like a wise man formation, understanding of things is based on perception, only in order to be perceived things to our attention, it may enter our thought process. People perceive the world tool senses, such as sight, touch, taste, hearing, smell, etc., through which people get things size, material, temperature, odor and other basic information. Wisdom is building in the physical world, the perception by sensors, mobile phones, RFID (radio frequency technology) and other equipment to achieve, they are like human senses, it is a tool for data acquisition, data acquisition basis to establish the physical world.

The person conducting sensory information to the brain through the nervous system to complete the process, people have central nervous system, there are nerve endings, which constitute a large ubiquitous network interoperability. If a failure of a nerve will lead to a complete loss of function or defect. In the physical world, the Internet and things like the human nervous system, the establishment of mechanisms and infrastructure information exchange. The biggest difference is that the Internet of Things and things will automatically transfer information and data, like the human nervous system and sensory relationship, namely conduction occurs, and the Internet is a passive information uploaded. Thus, the physical world of things is the wisdom of conducting foundation of networking technology and applications for each push forward further, the physical world on IQ increased by 5 points.

Conduction of information to the brain after the human brain, to perform complex calculations on the information, analysis, integration of thinking, imagination and emotional processes, and ultimately to the decision. In the physical world, how to achieve this process?

We know that there are already artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence was born in 1956, followed by several experienced several development and stagnation, the reason is the development of artificial intelligence, logical thinking mechanism to mimic the human brain as a starting point, but the human brain is too complicated AI was a dead end. Later, people finally realized that artificial intelligence can not fully simulate the human brain, but some part of it can go beyond the human brain, especially in computing, human capacity is limited, this computer can be a great breakthrough in the limited, thereby to calculate ability as a breakthrough, artificial intelligence has finally found a way out. Brain computing since been simulated and infinite zoom, and finally in the storage and computing machines beyond the people. Thus, in the physical world, similar to the human brain’s decision-making process was simplified calculation, analysis, decision-making.

First, calculate, and with the rapid development of the Internet of things, the order of data to calculate an exponential rise, a single computer can not be completed, the birth of cloud computing technology, the use of distributed computing to complete the large data processing and calculation, greatly enhance the physical world, the ability to handle huge amounts of data.

However, this technology is also far from the “wisdom” wisdom is to find the unknown from the known, extract order out of disorder. It is not known law of our confirmation process, but to use the known data discovery unknown law, and eventually become the decision-making process and put into action. Therefore, the automatic discovery law, with laws that govern action, proactive decision making and conscious action, is the “wisdom.” Now the big data analysis techniques can provide the physical laws of the world found that the depth of the associated mechanisms.

The final step is proactive decision making and conscious action, the results of the analysis of large data required for decision-making and direct into action, you need to have decision-making mechanism. This step, in relatively closed local microscopic been realized, such as automated warehouse, but in the larger scope of data exchange, still being explored.

Therefore, the physical world, “wisdom”, recognizing all the information obtained through the perception of information can be automatically read and write facilities, conducted through things, the boot is through cloud computing, large data analysis and decision-making system implementation. So we of the physical world “wisdom” is defined: the wisdom of the physical world is the perception, interaction analysis, we found that the overall decision-making. Wisdom to enhance the perception of the amount of system and beyond, based on depth through the establishment of inter-related things, find the new law, the perception, cognition, decision-making combined to establish a truly independent and complete operating system automatically made decisions. Wisdom must be available, can conduct can be analyzed, and decisions can be automated process can act. Initially we use machines instead of human, in order to perform data collection and mechanization and automation of work, on this basis, we contact material objects, and then find the law, decision support, and then to decision-making. So in this process, we completed the acquisition from data, cloud computing, big data analytics to data products (decision-making and service) level.

Wisdom “and” smart “difference:” smart “is” cando “, and” wisdom “is” Whatdo, Whydo, Howdo “, so the” wisdom “with” smart. ”

Second, the “wisdom of logistics” constitutes

On the concept of wisdom may be formed “wisdom +”, such as “smart city” and the “smart city” inside “smart network”, “intelligence community”, “wisdom logistics” and so on, and all intelligence systems, intelligence logistics also We must implement perception, interaction, analysis, discovery and decision-making process.

Logistics has five physical elements, namely people, goods and vehicles, node, line, these physical factors why suffer so much attention, because people will the real economy and virtual economy when combined discovery logistics is the most important point of integration. From the virtual to physical, physical to virtual walk, logistics must be realized. At the same time, these physical elements of value, plus the value of their own behind a large number of intertwined economic and social relations, capital flow, information flow, forming a tangled chain and a variety of networks. Logistics Structure Changes can objectively reflect the changes in the real economy, logistics bearer information is the most authentic information. So the logistics like a pit, hidden too much can be excavated, the value increment; and like a fulcrum, change any logic could deduce a variety of business models, leveraging the growing market, or more segments of the market.

People, goods and vehicles, nodes, what status line in turn how to develop it?

People, such as transport drivers, warehouse picking personnel, and other participants in the park, in the past the use of GPS positioning data acquisition, APP now use mobile phones to obtain data on human behavior portrayed cube. Goods, recorded in the past the use of bar code technology, and now the use of RFID technology to track goods not only security, but also to read and write data by repeatedly find business opportunities. For example, luxury brand PRADA sales in the past by clothing styles determine the prevalence is usually low sales of clothing were eliminated. And now, PRADA to the store where every one of the sample loaded on RFID, through clothing to try on the number of its sales data related statistics, to try more often, small clothing sales to improve the analysis, so that clothing reborn.

Car, when in the past the use of GPS data collection, now carrying trucks factory-installed sensors. Agheera, a real-time tracking solutions provider, has been developed that can be used to connect a variety of sensors and remote IT hardware open platform for integrating data from different applications and modes. This platform can merge multiple sources, such as the cargo box or truck with an easy-to-use, world-wide access to the portal is connected, so that logistics providers and customers can be in a variety of devices on their real-time tracking of all assets. Line, in the past using the camera data collection, and now the United States SolarRoadways company invented a solar power generation technology road, this road if the United States paved the annual power supply is three times the nation’s electricity consumption, when combined with electric vehicle charging technology electric car bottleneck solved, this road can also install various sensors on vehicles and other real-time information gathering lines. For example, in fleet and asset management, sensors can monitor a truck, container, ULD (Air carrier) frequency of use and idle, and then they will collect the data used to optimize the use of analysis, by measuring the load capacity can learn a particular route the vehicle idle capacity, which proposes to consolidate and optimize the route suggestions. This will create the team benefits, save fuel and reduce empty return mileage.

Node, although the logistics park, logistics center is currently still the main internal management systems, such as WMS, TMS, ERP, etc., but more small and medium companies have software and other Internet services via Saas application model, Web-based software to hire provider you can use a lower cost, faster adoption of advanced technology and management of business activities, the process for creating a data interoperability possible.

We put into the Internet and the Internet 2.0 Internet 1.0. 1.0 Interconnection human through the mobile Internet, goods and vehicles, the line through the information platform interconnected nodes and enterprise management systems through internal links, the Internet is the Internet 1.0 main features a clear boundary, the connection is limited. 2.0 Interconnection range is much greater, prima facie, there are three types of enterprises and its allies may be important in the future.

The first category is the Internet companies (such as Google, Tencent, Ali, etc.), they have been claiming that they are not Internet companies, but the company’s data, which is really the core of their strategy. At the same time they increase in investment in equipment and applications, Google unmanned vehicle technologies ahead of the auto manufacturers, but also in the automotive field Ali showing ambitions. Internet companies provided by the terminal device docking platform service interface to data services, data services-oriented approach to control the whole network resources, a huge network of empire a positive rapid expansion beyond political boundaries.

The second category is a cloud services and logistics as the core competitiveness of enterprises operating, similar to Amazon and Jingdong, Amazon AWS cloud computing share of the global market share of 27%, operating margin was 23.5%, the number of active users has exceeded 100 million including more than 900 government agencies, educational institutions and 3400 more than 11,200 non-profit organizations. “AWSIoT” service, so that factory production workshop, vehicles, household appliances and other networking devices connected to each other through the cloud computing technology. Amazon through open their “Amazon logistics +” platform, logistics and cloud seamlessly. Jingdong imitate Amazon, although not so strong, but the direction is quite consistent.

The third category is professional internet logistics platform, logistics is a typical low-profit, industry fragmentation, especially in the road freight transport, logistics resources now dispersed Union has been very clear trend, some platforms started to integrate logistics alliance between the resources to help companies to complete the whole chain, multi-link, cross-sectoral integration of logistics resources and synergies. OTMS as a one-stop transportation services platform, Chuan, the world sinks, cards line world, including roads Harbor integration platform, data logistics service providers G7 are all coming, showing strong growth momentum.

In “discovered unknown laws” this level will be the separation stage. We can now see is the use of data analysis to predict future events, and thus guide the reallocation of resources. For example, Amazon’s use of large data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. Warehouse Logistics Management, Release predictive transfer, inter-regional distribution. Before the “double eleven” coming through Ali express delivery companies advance warning guidance warehouse layout and capacity resources. Although we believe that this warning has been quite severe, but from a commercial and logistics point of view, the Internet is still carrying along 1.0 mode. And when commercial operation 2.0 Internet matures, the logistics might break the existing form from decentralized to centralized and then distributed hub and spoke networks infrastructure mode, a walk in the practical operation level scattered shape, and in the level of highly organized collaborative stage , the new organization will be in the form of logistics. On this basis, logistics solutions, whether there will be disruptive business model? We’ll see.

In the wisdom of logistics automatic decision-making level, a number of subsystems have been able to automatically form the decision-making programs, such as automated warehouse can be automatically stored, automatic sorting. In the larger context we have to be from disorder to order, across from a closed system to interconnected systems. Wisdom logistics structure is built around five major elements of the entity formed by the logistics data-aware, logistics data network, the law found that logistics, logistics decision-making behavior and organic structure of the automatic execution.

Third, the “smart logistics” trends

“Smart Logistics” There are many possibilities, and this is mainly mentioned three trends:

1, in the business of networking technology background, wisdom logistics industry chain broke out, forming devices, applications, platforms, data products and services multi-level multi-dimensional development trend, the huge scale of the industry. And through which the underlying technology required to synchronize development, including the development of standardized techniques (such as standardized pallets, container standardization, standardization of vehicle, etc.), the development of networking technologies. Wisdom chain logistics industry is a huge market.

2, the logistics of the most scattered small part will be the first to Wisdom, and then gradually disintegrate lower interconnect level, a high degree of organization link. So dispersed disorderly field road freight, distribution, and other cities will be the first realization of Wisdom. We did a survey of domestic “Internet + transport platform” (including supply chain services, vehicle scheduling, integration services and logistics transactions, etc.) some of the data from the registration number of the driver, the amount of investment and financing and registration number of the owner, the vehicle scheduling are outstanding . 2015 and 2016, this area is also a logistics investment. For large traditional enterprise organizational structure becomes rigid resistance to change in the Internet business model reconstruction process, these large traditional companies eventually forced to Internet-based. 3, shared economic development in the logistics gradually dominate, will give rise to disruptive logistics organization and business models. Our recent study showed that “sharing economy” have been used in the container shipping industry. Global reposition empty containers per year cost 150 to $ 20 billion, BCG consulting firm last November officially launched the world’s empty container sharing platform called “xChange”. So far, globally dispersed over 100 transport companies, 20 leasing companies have been involved in the market, the average savings per container 200 to $ 400 cost, has achieved more than 35,000 empty containers circulation weekly. The following figure shows a great potential for exchange in all regions of the world have empty containers.

The proportion of empty containers can be exchanged for each region

In the field of shared positions, US Flexe warehouse resource sharing platform, specializing share position, other companies can book it several positions in the United States more than 80 locations. The shared position in the country has not yet started. In the field of express delivery, 2014 Uber launched a product called UberRush, use it as an ordinary messenger (messenger) pickup delivery, Uber allegedly own reality is a logistics company, which also shows that in economic terms it shared logistics there are big plans. 2015, Jingdong also launched a similar “Jingdong crowdsourcing”, after officially renamed “Jingdong home.” At present, “Jingdong home” provisional registration courier has reached 25 million people. In 2014, a fast-city distribution on domestic freight business also launched a similar crowdsourcing business model, grab one by the truck driver, pick up nearby, the nearest delivery, data show that the use of the driver of the platform, monthly income from 10,000 yuan rose to 30,000 yuan. 2015 US logistics venture projects, two voted for the sharing economy.

From the equipment used, and to position the car as long as resources are available, it is possible to share, with the allocation of resources sharing, the nearest way service, logistics will command more decentralized action with more highly centralized intelligence center. An exciting wisdom logistics field has opened the door, let us together to explore.

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