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April 26, 2020 What M2M system, you know?

Internet IPv4 technology, IP address resource shortage problem has been alleviated to some extent under the extension of the technology, but not fundamentally solve the problem. In the future, IPv6 technology brings us not only addresses the allocation of more than 1,000 square meters of land on any one of the earth, and to improve essentially end to end IP connectivity, quality of service (QoS), security, multicast, mobility Plug and Play and other issues. At the same time, the second generation of mobile communication network is launching challenges to 4G mobile communications technology corresponds to provide voice services from circuit-switched to provide data, voice and video network transmission service change. At present, is widely used in wireless LAN technology, the performance is in the direction of speed, interoperability and security improved. Wireless LAN with high flexibility and reliability, and achieved immediate results in the development of all walks of life, showing the broad market prospects, which will lay the foundation for a new life and work style. Future, various communication transmission technology from AC parallel, independently operating, gradually moving towards integration, for the realization of people (Man to Man), man and machine (Man to Machine), Machine and machine (Machine to Machine) between smooth, real-time communication network provides a huge platform.

1. M2M concept

M2M concept

First, look at the chart, it shows, M2M is the means and methods of connection between man and machine. Broadly speaking, M2M comprising: a machine-to-machine (Machine to Machine); person-to-machine (Man to Machine); the human machine (Machine to Man); mobile network machine (Mobile to Machine).

M2M technology through a combination of data collection, GPS, remote monitoring, communications, information technology, machinery, equipment, application process and background information system operator and even share information, automate business processes. M2M technology allows all machines are equipped with wireless networking and communication capabilities, which allows the machine, people reach each other Macross seamlessly.

2.M2M application system configuration

2.1 intelligent machines

“Intelligent”, he called the machine “speak” so that the machine has information perception, information processing and wireless capability for processing.

2.2 M2M hardware

So that the machine can have features networking capabilities and remote communication, information extraction, information needed to learn from different devices, transferred to the analysis section.

2.3 the communication network

Including WAN (wireless mobile communication network, satellite communication networks, the Internet and the public telephone network), LAN (Ethernet, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, WiFi), personal area network (the Zigbee, sensor networks), via the network M2M for the hardware propagation information delivered to the designated location, out of the core status of M2M technology framework.

2.4 middleware

M2M gateway completed the conversion between different protocols, to build bridges between the communications network and IT systems.

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