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April 24, 2020 Networking features are copied, ZigBee this really out of the picture?

Although intelligent hardware industry compared to the previous years of decline in the heat, but the standards battle WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other communication protocols between continues, which in the end will be best suited to the field of intelligent hardware or internet of things protocol, No one can say one two three come.

  • WiFi can transmit large amounts of data, but the power consumption is relatively large
  • Bluetooth power consumption is relatively low, but the ability to connect the device really poor
  • ZigBee networking with features, but the data transfer speed is slow

However, from the mainstream as well as some public not familiar with the protocol we have a common goal – to support ad hoc network function, as a large wave function with the networking protocols soon advantages ZigBee seems to have gone up.

zigbee-what is zigbee

Copy ZigBee: the original so easy!

MANET was the biggest killer ZigBee protocol, other protocols is to learn how to copy ZigBee advantage, we must know what is ad hoc networks.

Networking features are copied, ZigBee this really out of the picture?

From a special self-organizing network, peer to peer, multi-hop, wireless mobile networks. Popular point that this is a kind of network and other non-central structure, all nodes in the network structure is presented, any connection with the role of a node, and a node failure does not affect the operation of the entire network, if the terminal to the terminal outside the coverage area of ​​communication, the intermediate node can act as a role in the transmission medium.

However, since the network is not a panacea, and in many cases the number of nodes, if the ad hoc network mode, the entire network delay and power consumption is difficult to be controlled.

The key is to achieve self-networking features to form a multi-hop network. Bluetooth 4.0 version from the beginning has gradually begun to support this feature, while more recently, domestic enterprises launched a Wi-Fi Mesh networking technology, in addition, there are some grass-roots level of networking technology companies are homemade, recently Lei Feng network in the smart home show saw a – wisdom cloud Valley “nebula agreement.”

The approach is very simple, just based on a dedicated communications module in a simple trigger or instructions, hardware can achieve similar ZigBee networking functionality in this network protocol, each device can automatically find the shortest path for signal transmission almost no limit to the number of nodes. From the point of view of these characteristics, it is a similar ZigBee network protocol.

Its stable wireless transmission distances of 300 meters, a maximum of 26 500 to support multiple nodes.

Short-range low-power local area network protocol itself but from a technical point of view, Zigbee and nebulae protocols are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, but the latter than the former in terms of performance but better.

ZigBee has become tasteless?

ZigBee was born in 2004, than WiFi and Bluetooth to be late, but in the meantime its media hype, the industry has been the existence of which leads to the illusion of “ZigBee wireless communication protocol is the best,” the fact that 12 years WiFi and Bluetooth industry achievements for all to see, the two will be the perfect application on a mobile device is switched to the field of intelligent hardware, but because the upgrade ZigBee rhythm too slow, the industry has not reached the anticipated level.

In May this year, ZigBee Alliance hold a year’s time released 3.0 standard, but only in the power consumption and latency optimization were weak, again to the industry caused great gap sense.

In contrast, the Bluetooth SIG and recently shared the progress Bluetooth 5.0 standard, the new standard may come out at the end of this year or early next year, but the introduction of this standard is likely to complete the ZigBee into dead line.

Bluetooth 5.0 will double the transmission speed; transmission distance would be four times the Bluetooth 4.2; new networking features …

One of the industry engaged in the communications industry told Lei Feng network, dramatically affect the Bluetooth 5.0 specification for ZigBee largest, ZigBee living space will be further reduced.

Bluetooth SIG expects to have nearly three billion Bluetooth devices shipped, this figure will reach 50 million units in 2020, which means that the Bluetooth protocol will occupy one third of the nodes in the Internet of Things.

Although it will continue to co-exist among the standard, but under attack in WiFi and Bluetooth and other protocols, ZigBee will soon become tasteless.

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