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The popularity of smart appliances need to be crossed a few hurdle

The popularity of smart appliances need to be crossed a few hurdle


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Gimmick components of large enterprises high prices should be more concerned about the user experience

Asia Consumer Electronics Show 2016 held in Shanghai last week, “things” and “interoperability” concept is still a hot topic. But as a product of the reality of these concepts – the development of smart appliances several years, the market has always been tepid performance. Analysis of the industry, smart appliances praised behind, mainly the presence of pseudo-intelligent, high prices and there is no uniform industry standard three stumbling block.

â–¡ Situation

Smart + Connected prospects are better

Market research firm Ovid cloud network recently released report predicts that by 2020, China’s smart home overall value will be close to 300 billion yuan. It reports that, with the industry giants and quickly cut into the industry, mergers and acquisitions, new eco-smart appliance has been gradually formed.

The PRC Investigation Agency predicts that by 2020, white goods (mainly refrigerators, washing machines and other household chores can substitute products), life appliances, kitchen appliances, intelligent rate will reach 45%, respectively, 28% and 25% smart appliances over the next five years will bring a total of 1.5 trillion yuan of market demand.

However, smart appliances in terms of interoperability still in its infancy. The PRC official said that the current status of intelligent industrial development, still in the form of intelligent infrastructure and other single product appears in achieving the “product + platform” interconnectivity is still in its infancy.

Smart single product from the point of view, the current rapid development of smart TV. Data show that as of last May, the smart TV penetration is already close to 70%, has gained popularity and acceptance, has become China’s first family of intelligent home appliances for consumers to purchase. Intelligent white goods still in the exploratory stage, but in the future smart home white whole ecosystem is the largest product category covered, once the smart home ecosystem improvement, intelligent white goods and explore breakthrough, intelligent white size of the product will show explosive growth.

Future, smart appliances ecosystem will be made of a single product, and gradually developed into a set of wisdom in many fields combined property, intellectual family, community business district, security monitoring and other smart home and smart community ecosystem.

Smart appliances were praised

Reporters randomly visited recently Gome and Suning, Dazhong and other several appliance stores found that each brand of “smart” products are placed in a prominent position. Intelligent module equipped with refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, both in body position have clearly marked. Washing machine with a ‘smart tube self-cleaning “, there is a refrigerator” ingredients expiration reminder, “air-conditioning” smart sensor system. ”

Reporters in Beijing Suning Huilongguan shop to see, sales personnel are introduced to two elderly intelligent air conditioning. The sales staff said that in addition to the sale of intelligent power-saving air-conditioning, no straight hair, the most eye-catching feature is the ability to remotely control. “If you will not use, can let their children good phone download software, they can help you remote control air conditioning in the office.”

“Now the appliance manufacturers are pushing new smart and intelligent is the selling point.” This salesperson said that the new “smart” label, the product price will be higher. Refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditioning appliances such large, joined the intelligent remote sensing module products, are generally more high-end products.

Store sales intelligence products seem hot, but in fact consumers do not buy it. Mr. Chang, who lives in Chaoyang District, shortly before the check-in new homes, “new house, everything should buy the latest”, he spent a higher price of the latest smart washing machine. “Salesperson I had an account balance, the high profile of the washing machine water-saving and peace of mind, I have a bite to buy it, but spent some time found that I actually only use the most basic function of the laundry, additional self-cleaning bucket, remote control did not once tried to feel too much trouble. ”

A research institute of smart home survey found that most people want to intelligent television (79%), access control (75%) and cars (63.6%). Other smart home products, but not so popular.

â–¡ Analysis

Intelligent home appliance industry into a new way

“In the ‘Internet +’ strategy background, intelligent wave is sweeping across all walks of life.” LiuRenBo appliance industry expert said that just one or two years, the implant “intelligent” concept of home appliances have been everywhere We are, whether it is black (TVs, stereos and other audio-visual equipment) as well as small appliances or white, are scrambling to play smart cards. “Smart is the winter home appliance industry provides a new direction and a way out. But in the era of user experience, how to maximize meet the actual needs of consumers, to solve their pain points, it becomes a problem all brands have to consider.”

At present, China’s home appliance industry is facing a more difficult stage of development, macroeconomic adjustment by multiple factors, lack of consumer demand, even if all enterprises Costly, continued playing the price war, but hand over the transcripts are still not ideal. The rise of the concept of things, so the downturn in the appliance industry to find a new way out.

LiuRenBo said that with the expansion of consumer demand for a high level of household electrical appliances, intelligent products can not only provide users with a safer, more convenient, more comfortable experience, but also to simulate a variety of human thinking, intelligent of working methods and processes. Therefore, the traditional home appliance industry to upgrade and speed up the pace gradually.

Internet product manufacturers hard

Currently, intelligent home worldwide are still in its infancy. Smart Home is a complex system that includes not only household appliances, including lighting, security, audio, and other subsystems, these subsystems will be linked together is not an easy thing.

Gree aspect in an interview with reporters, said now is whether foreign or domestic, are the lack of a unified standards and protocols, things and people, things and objects connected not smooth. Future smart home is an inevitable trend, contributing to this agreement to develop and travel industries need to work together and cooperate.

Liang Zhenpeng Industry observers also believe that the main reason for restricting the development of smart appliances is now the industry has no uniform standard. For example in terms of Haier’s refrigerators or air conditioning can not be interconnected with the US products. No product interoperability between various interfaces, not interconnected, you can not manipulate each other, there is no can not communicate with a smart home he said.

Jingdong equally believes that interoperability is user pain points. As users increase because the purchase of smart products, they need to install multiple APP, even so it is difficult to interaction between intelligent devices.

An appliance practitioners that many products claiming “smart appliances”, but because there is no centralized control, home appliances, security, lighting and other systems all into one, these products are not user-friendly living, but to make the user’s life becomes complicated, is product control.

Smart appliances big gimmick ingredients

Liang Zhenpeng said that many so-called smart is not necessary and cumbersome. “For example, you buy a smart refrigerator, want to have to learn a lot of operations, it is necessary to pay attention to micro-channel public number, they have to download mobile APP. This experience lets consumers become more tired.”

“A lot of household electrical appliance enterprises are touting their own products to the washing machine according to different circumstances clothes, put in your own laundry detergent, automatic detection of cleanliness clothes and weight. Some also known as air conditioning can automatically adjust the temperature according to the ambient temperature, but looking ahead, the market simply not really provide this functionality products. “Liang Zhenpeng said.

This is the strange phenomenon of smart appliances, pseudo-smart, functional tasteless, prices were inflated. So far, both intelligent single product, or so-called smart home platform, real consumer acceptance and use very little.

A senior home appliance practitioners told reporters, “smart appliances” concept popular, but too much hype it becomes nothingness. Many brands blind pursuit of “smart” gimmick, ignoring product quality and user experience, if this was simply ignored, smart appliances can not be landed.

Because of this “floating”, so a lot of smart appliances appear pseudo-intelligent, high price. There are many home appliances, just because the addition of a WiFi module in the design, transformed into “smart” products, the price doubled.

â–¡ Outlet

Products to focus on user experience

The PRC expert Left extension magpie think a lot of smart home product features, although many on the market, but most are not practical, but lack of product stability, the price is high. Therefore, to improve the stability of the product, the price that consumers can be adjusted to an acceptable level, really bring comfort and convenience, so, smart home in order to have continued good development.

LiuRenBo said real smart appliances, must be based on the user experience as the center, can provide users with real smart, simple, convenient user experience, rather than blindly to claiming credit. In the center of the user experience under the premise of, on the one hand to accelerate unified industry standards, on the other hand to improve their own manufacturing technology, intelligent home appliances in order to progress by leaps and bounds after these two conditions are ripe.

Liang Zhenpeng think, smart home is a big system. Only companies and electrical appliances, building materials, real estate basic industries combined, can really be universal. Because it involves housing renovation wiring problems, consumers generally do not increase the cost to own and smart wiring installation. The question now

Yes, household electrical appliance enterprises assume that consumers will spend extra money and time cost to rewire some intelligence products.

“I think it should be from the source, to provide consumers with smart products.” Liang Zhenpeng said that the best way is by way of decoration, to provide consumers a unified smart home. Real estate design house parties, when they should have put intelligent gateway, routes are added.


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