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April 26, 2020 Reinventing Government Big Data 3.0 Times

Tsinghua University professor MENG recently while attending the “Internet + government” Forum by the inspiration and enlightenment Holdings Innovation Institute of Tsinghua University and China held digital production city alliance signing ceremony that the use of large data will reshape government so governance mode fundamental change may be referred to the Government 3.0.

MENG said that innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development philosophy behind these five behind implies a very strong factor in the development of the Internet, the future system of governance and capacity issues faced by remodeling. Government 3.0 refers to the large data environments, in order to construct each individual as the center of the frame, the more active open government data, more emphasis on sharing and cooperation among government data sharing Jointnomy mode.

Reinventing Government Big Data 3.0 Times

Government 3.0 is to create a service-oriented government, the use of information technology platform and tools, emphasizing everyone more personalized, customized based on the realization of a treatment. It is also an open government, open data will become a very important way and channels. In addition, it is a unitary government, breaking the information is divided between government departments, to achieve effective integration.

Under the era of big data, rely on government data open to promote government innovation, the basic realization of the path should be from the integration with open data, and to collaborate on participation data developed using, and then to be able to get value realization, thus promoting the development and governance improved. In this process, the open data integration is a mechanism for interconnection, collaborate crowdfunding crowdsourcing is a way to realize the value of a shared rule by model.

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