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April 26, 2020 shock! Smart home next five years, the market demand as much as 1.5 trillion

In recent years, made in China we are experiencing an intelligent storm. Traditional intelligent hardware through a combination of hardware and software, to transform the traditional equipment, and then allowed to have intelligent functions.

According to the PRC data analysis from the intelligent hardware point of view, China is still in the crawling stage and monitor and control multiple devices linked, but ecosystem construction is gradually improving, it has formed components, hardware segments, channels business, professional services for the core of the ecological model, the future will form a complete optimization, autonomous intelligent solutions.

To specific market segments, smart home consumer market has great potential, the future is still the focus of market cultivation. Among them, the smart appliances as an important part of the smart home industry, the popularity of the battle has begun. The PRC is expected in 2020, white, life appliances, kitchen appliances intelligent rate will reach 45%, respectively, 28% and 25%, intelligent home appliances next five years will bring a total of 1.5 trillion yuan of market demand. In addition, the user will interact with the smart home market entry by hardware, software, services, content providing water, safe, air, food, health, entertainment, personal care full range of intelligent solutions for the consumer.

Currently, intelligent wearable device has gradually become an important part of the data collection terminal devices become intelligent interaction of the chain. However, the overall market, the majority of wearable devices is still a technology of precipitation, in the absence of solving practical problems prematurely to market. Smart watches, glasses, wrist strap as consumers are most interested in wearable device product form. With the formation of the future of intelligent consumer attitudes, as well as health care, children, the elderly healthy growth in consumer spending, will continue to bring more of its new consumer.

The PRC said that domestic policies favorable force and intelligent hardware gradual improvement of intelligent hardware market development escort, at the same time, the Internet, mobility consumption patterns evolved, science and technology, intelligence, fashion and other personalized, diversified demand characteristics to create smart new consumer hardware market development space, coupled Things chips, communications technology, such as cloud computing technologies mature, the current development of intelligent hardware to provide basic conditions, technical components, interconnection and other emerging technology products will accelerate the intelligent hardware industry to mature. Meanwhile, intelligence and combine Chinese manufacturing will accelerate the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, the completion of the “Made in China” to “Chinese wisdom made” the perfect upgrade, “corner overtaking.”

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