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April 21, 2020 Simple GPRS / GSM Modules Transparent Transmission

Congratulate! USR IOT Moves to New Office!

new office of USRIOT



With the growing of USR IOT,our company moves to a better office place.


New GPRS Module (GM3)! Support Sample Application


Sample Application :
We will reply within 7 working days.
GM3 will officially be on sale on 17th, August. Currently only support sample application or reservation.
What is GPRS Module?
GPRS Module is a wireless data transmission module which can converter serial data to IP data in a bidirectional way through GPRS network.

A Simple GPRS Module
gprs module of USRIOT

GPRS Module

GM3 is a stable GPRS module, which can work properly under complex environment of -25~85° and GM3 gprs module meets the requirements of FCC and CE (Certificate is under approval).

A GPRS Module with Abundant Function

Function of GPRS Module
GM3 has the following features:
1.Built-in Antenna Interface
2.httpsd Client (
Click to learn the function of httpsd Client);
3.Two Network Links : GM3 can build TCP link with two target servers and send the same data;
4.SMS Transmission : TTL can directly output SMS content;
5.SMS Configuration : telephone sends SMS to configure GM3;
6.Send SMS : apply to application of SMS alarm;
7.Hardware Flow Control : RTS/CTS;
8.Register Package Mechanism : convenient for server to identify device;
9.Heartbeat Package Mechanism : guarantee normal network connection;
10.Baud Rate Sync : support rapidly set up serial baud rate though network command;

Later Function
1.Built-in SIM Card: GM3S, the next generation of GM3, will come with SIM card.
2.Open SDK: User can customize function according to their own requirements.

A GPRS Module with Wide Application

GPRS Module with Wide Application
GM3 can apply to application which can process remote data interaction in no network environment.

1.Temote Data Acquisition
Apply to: electricity checks meter system, communication power distribution system, coal mine safety monitoring, tax monitoring, lottery system, weather information acquisition system, sewage monitoring system, POS machine system, oil field flow and temperature detection
2.Remote Control
Apply to: Residential intelligent control, elevator remote control system and water supply dispatching system.
3.Remote Alarm
SMS alarm control system such as gas detect,fire alarm and unlawful entry.

Smallest GPRS Modem

Smallest GPRS Modem
USR-GM3 is highly-integrated UART to GSM/GPRS module.It is designed for embedded system, and it is so small and convenient that you can integrate it to your system easily.

Sample Application:
Buying Link:

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