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“Smart grid” to our lives what?

“Smart grid” to our lives what?


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“Smart grid,” the words holes punched into the mind is carried out from power supply company State Grid smart meter Lanzhou construction began. At that time, I did not really feel the “smart grid” will bring us exactly what. Just remember that in May 2009, the State Grid Corporation of the “2009 International Conference on UHV transmission technology” on the proposed development plan called “strong and smart grid”.

Now, let me explain in plain language to these professionals was upset with the content of your lives it.

First, let’s look at the power grid in the end what does it mean? The so-called grid, generally refers excluded from the generating side, the substation equipment and transmission and distribution wires consisting of a whole. The high-voltage transformer usually means supporting built a dedicated substation, low-voltage transformer means the district can be seen everywhere. Yes, that side of the road usually see these:

Ridge View:

smart grid -Ridge View

High pressure Guardian:

smart grid-High pressure Guardian

Distribution box:

Distribution box-smart grid

They are part of the grid. Grid comprising substation, transmission, distribution, three links. Substation, substation equipment is through the voltage from low level into high level (step-up), or by a high level into a low level (step-down) link. Transmission means through transmission lines, the electric power transmission link. Power distribution, power distribution transformer is through the high-voltage transmission line from the power distribution to the user’s part. Electrical energy from the power plant produced by transforming a boost into the high-voltage transmission lines, and then through the step-down substation, power distribution to individual users. Part of which is also called the main high-voltage transmission network, also known as low-voltage distribution part with (electrical) network.

In addition, generator, transformer boxes, high voltage power lines we have just mentioned, including lines of various “switches” – circuit breakers, contactors, isolating switch disconnectors, are used directly in the production and transmission of electricity , known as “primary equipment.”

Estimated to be asked, you said these usually we can see, ah, do also what other hidden parts of the grid in the presence of it? Yes, that is so-called “secondary equipment.” The so-called secondary equipment, refers to a device within the power grid monitoring, measurement, control, protection, regulation of auxiliary equipment. Secondary equipment including metering, monitoring devices, protection devices, recorded wave, DC sources.

As a simple example, imagine a rocket launch. Then the rocket itself can be seen as similar to “a device”, and to monitor the rocket track, speed, device parameters, it can be seen as similar to the “secondary equipment.”

Now, let’s look at this in the end smart grid “smart” in what respect it.

Grid transparent, user interaction

? How users interact with it to understand this in the past, the grid for the user, it can do almost only one option: to pay electricity bills on time. Well, maybe there is one, it is that users can take a look at the meter myself, several times this month to go electric. In addition, it seems that nothing can do, really.

So do the smart grid? Users will be an integral part of the power system. Encourage and facilitate the participation of the user’s own operation and management, smart grid is one of the important features.

Power supply companies, to grasp the needs of users, it can be a better measure of supply and demand. Statistical information by the user of electricity, the power company can understand the laws of electricity in an area from the data analysis, such as what time of electricity, less electricity what time, and then develop accordingly within each region, economic energy generation and transmission and distribution programs.

In addition, by adjusting the user’s electricity time, can effectively improve grid end-use efficiency, peak load shifting, smooth grid load curve to reduce the power load pressure. This has the advantage that the reduction or transfer electricity peak demand time, so that the power company to minimize capital expenditures and operating expenses. Reducing the cost of electricity, electricity prices will naturally fall. For users, power consumption has become and phone calls, as can be selectively consumption. The user can select different options to purchase electricity, electricity choice. For example, the user can always check the peak periods of high price, then I try to use less; cheap price trough period of time, the timing of the operation with intelligent electrical or remote control to select the low price of electricity periods.

Want to do this, it requires power companies and real-time two-way communication system (network channels) established by the user, the power company can inform users of their real-time electricity consumption cost, real-time pricing, status of the grid, rolling blackouts, and other information service information, etc., to achieve transparency. At the same time, users can develop an appropriate power program based on this information. In North America, the electricity program has matured, you can choose their own electricity program, like any package selection as electricity.

Intelligent devices, to achieve things together

As mentioned above, smart appliances, smart control devices, intelligent terminals, will occupy a very important position in the smart grid. By electricity APP installed on your phone, you can remote control electric water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric kettles and other appliances can be easily implemented in the electricity when cheap electricity.

Now, let me imagine a funny scene, when the winter to go out, go home and turn on the air before the adoption of APP in advance, will be able to open the door a touch of warmth. Think before 6:00 burning a pot of water with half-price electricity, but do not want to get up so early operation, APP can use the timer function to ensure the 6:00 before automatically boil …… by APP, but also the same as the query phone traffic, at any time Learn the power consumption of electrical equipment in a certain period of time, allowing users to clear their books of electricity.

The Smart Grid Electric Energy collection housing, not only just past the one-way acquisition, and they will bring their own WIFI and network functions, the user of electricity information, after the data was collected, is sent to the power company through the network data terminal. The company will supply these data collation, comparison, according to the actual situation of users of electricity, electricity program tailored, and send via SMS to inform other forms. For example, a user query by high-energy appliances use real-time data, you can keep abreast of their homes which exist electrical waste. For example, the TV did not look open, no one at home but open air so the phenomenon could be avoided.

Self Prediction, repair, adjustment

In the smart grid, through the analysis including scheduling, transmission and distribution, power generation and user information and other large data (which are mostly real-time and high degree of information integration), real-time visual computing analysis software can be full and complete display of grid operation state in every detail, to provide decision support and management basis. Moreover, the network load analysis of historical data and real-time data through big data, real-time display the whole network load conditions, the network load can predict trends. And through integrated management and improve equipment utilization, reduce power consumption, so that more economical and efficient grid operation.

In the smart grid, the grid faulty equipment, with the fastest speed out isolation from the grid system, and in the state almost automatic (with little or no human intervention) to achieve self-recovery system to normal operation, and thus do almost uninterrupted power supply services to users. We can look at the body’s immune system analogy, this is similar to the self-healing smart grid. Combining the two forecasts, the grid system can be self-sustained predict when found to have the presence or potential failure to take immediate steps to control or correct.

New Energy debut, Plug and Play

Our traditional thermal and hydroelectric power generation are generally now nuclear power is gradually developing. The photovoltaic power generation, wind power, geothermal power and other new energy power generation, are difficult past and traditions connected to the grid. The smart grid will change that.

Smart grid will simplify new energy into the grid in the process, it will make a variety of power generation and energy storage systems through improved interconnect standard easy access. Achieve “seamless access, plug and play.” A variety of small to large-capacity power generation and energy storage devices on all voltage levels are interconnected (including photovoltaic, wind power, the battery system, plug-in hybrid vehicles and fuel cells). Future, users can even install their own power generation equipment, and homegrown.


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