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April 26, 2020 Smart Home and Wifi Module (one)

Abstract : describe the concept of Smart Home and wifi module from another angle

What is Smart Home?

Smart home is an expressive form of IOT. IOT technology has been widely applied in the industrial fields such as industry automation, data acquisition and remote control. Currently Smart Home cannot be called “smart”, only can be described as remote control.

Why IOT has fewer application in Smart Home?

Many people think there is no standard answer. However, There might be two main reasons on my opinion.

1. Demand shortage: In industrial field, remote control can solve unmanned operation or remote operation. In domestic situations, take a few steps, and you can pull up the curtain or turn on the light.

2. High cost: Industrial automation system costs too much. Ordinary families cannot afford it. Besides, unified communications protocol, various family demands and non-human-centered design hinders the popularity of IOT.

What is wifi module?

For electronic enthusiasts, this word should not be unfamiliar to them. Although,wifi module is divided into two types:
1.Function modules used on smart phone;
2.Embedded wifi module in industrial communication field.
Wifi module of smart phone is a wifi chip which is used to join smartphone to wifi network.While. Embedded wifi module is a combination of MCU and wifi chip, which can complete extended functions independently.

ti wifi module

wifi module USR-WIFI232-T, a combination of MCU and wifi chip.

Small wifi module

wifi module USR-C322 wifi chip and MCU encapsulated into one chip

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