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Smart home “cake” huge capital from various quarters, “Running” bet the futu

Smart home “cake” huge capital from various quarters, “Running” bet the futu


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Imagine the next five or ten years China’s family look like? With the “Internet +” era, intelligent family has become the future development trend.

In fact, the field of intelligent home is very hot in the field of competition. Baidu, Tencent and other Internet companies trying to seize the smart home system to implant business, Jingdong, Ali and other electricity providers want the client to extend the advantages of the family, Haier, Hisense, Changhong and other traditional household electrical appliance enterprises to seek greater market share, many start-up companies and even real estate developers attempt to slice.

Smart home “Cake” huge

“This is used to control the TV, which shows all set-top boxes are being broadcast content. There are others, such as control of air conditioning hot and cold, light switches, etc ……” Crystal Point jellyfish (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. founding partner Liu Wan Joe side show the service in ordinary families set appliance control, video services and other content in one product features, while to reporters, said:. “(we) now have orders, such as hotels, residential property and so there are some Order offline channels as well as a number of orders, the retail side of the Internet will soon be the home improvement market is also expanding. ”

Home Intelligence market space is enormous, according to Liu Wan Qiao Jieshao, she had seen an American research data, in 2018 the global smart hardware market will reach $ 28 billion, of which, intelligent home may account for about 36% of the remaining share were intelligent transportation, intelligent medical occupied.

“From our market research, the consumer demand, but by what they do not know to meet the demand.” Said Joe Lau Wan.

It is to see the potential demand for smart home consumption upgrade brings, whether manufacturers or small plants, established companies or innovative enterprises, either through a single product to compete, or through the powerful combination between enterprises, each play advantages in the field of software and hardware. But its purpose is the same, all hope as soon as possible “into the” ordinary consumer’s home.

In the “double hit” of the times, in the face of the trend of intelligent home, interested in the field of business start-ups, how many years have been unable to reach the market by just how much lobbying to investors will be able to obtain financing. Joe Liu Wan opinion, entrepreneurial companies need to do is to make the product, but choose a good corporate product strategy.

“Obstacle” Many

In China, the smart home has been shouting for years. However, in some exhibitions, smart home products have “praised.” According to the reporter, because the intelligent hardware product requires hardware and software complement each other, related to the corresponding components, materials, process more stringent, these factors lead to a higher price of a single product.

“There do intelligent hardware, almost no money.” Said Joe Lau Wan. Her analysis, on the one hand, a number of high-end home smart home may accept a single product, and the entire price of a single product for the average consumer is still too high. On the other hand, Chinese consumers a priority, is still practical, cost-effective and not intelligent.

Although we can expect the next huge market space, but the smart home market is to rely on technology-driven. However, at present China’s smart home market has not disruptive innovations emerge. Liu Wan said Joe, from hardware and software, practical aspects, the market may need to reform some of the subversive appear. At the same time, supported by the hardware supply chain need to be very cheap, so that it may attract consumers.

Moreover, in her view, consumer habits and adapt to new products, upgrading existing household products yet to stage and other factors also affect the development of the whole industry.

“The market in China is still not fully developed. Now it seems a little slow, but faster and faster, is a gradual penetration process.” Said Joe Lau Wan.

For example, integration, intelligence and some distance from the current smart home whole house. But Chinese consumers are intelligent single product has been accepted. Not only smart bracelet, intelligent blood pressure measuring instrument is ordinary consumer recognition, water purifiers, refrigerators, televisions and other large pieces of intelligent products is accelerating, its price has gradually been accepted by consumers.

The smart home leak possibility of daily life information, personal and family privacy is higher. Such as Samsung and LG TV was exposed using the Internet to collect the TV user privacy. Liu Wan Joe believes in intelligent product development process, companies need to continuously strengthen technological innovation and safety, as much as possible to improve security controls to protect users’ personal information.

“Running” bet the future

Currently, industry trends trend clear, however, before the market really has not been detonated, enterprises are still in a “trial and error” stage. Nevertheless, various capital resorted to “Eight Immortals” moves gamble smart home feast.

“Many Chinese consumers four to five-year period updated appliances, especially refrigerators, air conditioners and other large smart home, first to mainly electrical and curtains, doors, etc. and large durable goods our strategy is based on the living room axis, to provide consumers with the perfect living room entertainment content and services as well as the living room, as well as the corresponding hardware and software services. “said Joe Lau Wan.

Big companies have large companies play, play as throwing money at advertising, but small businesses do not have this advantage, it needs clever effort, to make up the brand influence. Liu Wan Joe example, in addition to its own channel, but also with radio and television operators, China Unicom and the telecom operators and other partners to leverage their sales and mature operating system. While customizing the force, such as the Internet to the home improvement business, hotel, residential property and other related hardware and software customization. There is good use of the next line and online integration.

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“Many times through hardware products scale to keep costs down while in smart home products market, technology is nothing more than the others three to six months time. If someone really build out a team of technical elite, may put half your technology integration out. even more application technology patents, others will optimize better. “said Joe Lau Wan.

In her view, the smart home hardware product that you want to make money, we need to be really ignited the market size, supply chain cost is reduced, increasing the middle of the R & D investment, and value-added products based on intelligent content and services to achieve new profit sources .

According to this reporter learned that a lot of intelligent hardware vendors not simply sell products to make a profit, they would prefer to shop hardware after the family, to get consumer data, a higher premium. But, each company’s strategy is different.

“Our focus is on interactive television and the occurrence, but also hope to enter the second and third tier cities, because these consumers have more time to watch TV at the same time combined with local services, such as housekeeping, property, shopping, TV games, premium content development, and make it more simple, easy, way to show richer. “said Joe Lau Wan.

In the snatch before “consumer and business data,” big market environment to create a good opportunity. Liu Wan Joe said, many cities are hoping the high-tech enterprises to enter, and technology, human resources, taxation and other aspects provided in the offer, the Chinese family in spotted future trend of consumption upgrade, whether they are businesses, funding, policy and so actively promoted in .


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