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April 26, 2020 Smart home industry boundaries blur companies need to identify the location

Phone, cups, utensils, etc., modern society is a single human life, the kind and amount of consumer products already covered a lot of, if a family of their lives and the kind of consumption of goods, it is a multiplier, while of those supplies intelligent upgrading generated huge consumer market, will not blame smart home is generally considered a one trillion blue ocean market.

As household consumption over the next decade the most important scenes of economic, ecological industry chain of smart home smart appliances, communication, interactive voice technology, fingerprint recognition technology, including technology providers, and a variety of strange new intelligent hardware manufacturers. However, the company has a lot of teams trying various strokes, smashed a lot of money, it still can not shake the door to enter the smart home that wide blue ocean.

Problems encountered in smart home

Smart home concept is very hot, flashy products, but consumers do not buy it, there is no real reshape people’s home life forms. In fact, the intelligent home is not a very new concept, there is the concept of smart home of the eighties and nineties appear, through a central control, each appliance, each device connected to it, which is very project-oriented products, interactivity is not strong. On the other hand, the early smart home networking is not just an automated process, it can not achieve real intelligent.

At present, although the Internet has long been civilians, things gradually began to penetrate into all aspects of our lives, but the interconnection of smart home ecosystem has not really formed. Smart home need to develop all facilities are mature after it, like the Internet, the Internet up in order to promote other applications. Smart home, too, and so all things are completed, all of the equipment can be easily used, the market naturally formed. Now smart home inside fragmentation is very serious, each manufacturer has its own idea, protocol interface is not uniform, does not open, the development of smart home now is not as we had imagined so fast.

Compared to other small problems, high prices hinder the fundamental reason is the smart home in the mass popularity. On the one hand, the product itself is higher than the price of ordinary household products over the same period; on the other hand, smart home installation kit is very complicated, especially in the home control products, although the gradual shift towards design simplicity of the operation, but if it is not actually set up professional but consumers who do their own words, it’s still difficult, if impossible, if technician install it, which will further push up labor costs in this intelligent product price is not cheap.

Blurring industry boundaries of new modes of cooperation

Smart home are high hopes for a market research firm Research and Markets recently released report, the next five years, the global smart home devices and services to the market each year 8% to 10% growth rate, by 2018 the market will reach $ 68 billion.

Although the smart home value as a living room economy much recognition, but as a smart home system integrated nature of the service, the two companies rely on one single smart product, it is difficult to provide excellent service. At present, through cross-border cooperation between different areas of the industry to make up for their lack of goods and services, and even some business intelligence industry by creating new primary industry, explore new areas, to speed up the penetration of their own in the field of intelligent home. For example, as the first launch of digital smart home and create new products, which are also introduced in recent years, intelligent security products, intelligent access control intercom involved. For smart home trends, creating new and Yu Liang, general manager believes that “With the mature form of smart home products, intelligent home power will work with different areas of real estate development, community care, and other traditional decoration.”

All walks of life have started or layout of the smart home. Some foreign giants aside, domestic Haier launched to create “U + wisdom platform” smart home strategy, the United States also force “smart home” and “intelligent manufacturing” dual intellectual strategies, as well as Baidu, millet, Huawei and so It has been involved in the field of intelligent home. When in April, Op lighting and Huawei signed the smart home a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will share in the intelligent routing and chips, mobile intelligent terminals and intelligent illumination device interactive cloud platform docking with the data, channels and marketing, brand building and standards form a comprehensive partnership agreement and other aspects. On the other hand, at the same time as with Huawei Huan of electronic network infrastructure providers, one of its operations have gradually been adopting smart home industry, “Before looking downstream system integrators, now do video intercom, intelligent home are our client is a “starting from Yao Feng, general manager of the company stated Huan electronic customer base, but also reflects the gap between the industry is increasingly blurred.


Intelligence and the development of information industry is breaking boundaries and traditional business model, rapid changes in people’s lifestyles. Smart home, as well as smart city is a kind of comprehensive service system, required by a variety of different sectors of the product to reconcile interactive, intelligent systems to deliver real value to users. At the same time, this also indicates that inter-industry convergence brings new challenges and competition, perhaps before your opponent just your peers, but after you grab for your business may be a wiring company, it may be a security company, and may even be a lighting company.

Things lead to changes in market patterns, cross-border cooperation of business products will be the norm, but in my opinion its interference to the enterprise, is far more than improve themselves, their position clear on the big. Perhaps companies unable to control the market trend, but can control is maintained themselves, companies should do their part by changing themselves to respond to market changes.

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