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Smart Home on the road: live in the moment left for the king

Smart Home on the road: live in the moment left for the king


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Since the 1990s, smart home in the country has experienced 20 years of development. Process twists and turns, stir once. How many senior industry one after another in search of intelligent home business dream. Commendable is that there are a lot of seniors stick in the first line. We can not say this is the smart home best of times, worst of times but should have been in the past. How to survive and develop under the new situation, it is still the largest manufacturer of smart home each proposition.

This paper attempts to combine status and trends of the industry, to explore the development of the smart home of the road from the angle of product, brand and market.

Strengthen the focus on online marketing experience the next line

Many smart home manufacturers for more than 10 years, stepped on a lot of the pit, but also gain a lot of valuable lessons. But it is regrettable that most of the people in this industry came from industry, and just kept doing product, but not good at marketing. It is time to make a change, in fact, marketing is not so far away. The so-called Internet thinking behind identify the location, skilled use of Internet tools only. In fact, some manufacturers have seen take this step.

While online, the value of the store experience is far from being subverted by the Internet, in particular, smart home and re-experience services. Manufacturers have the necessary experience in major urban layout point, using the Internet brand, sold through the line to drop. Experience points do not have to build their own, can leveraging partners. Through the drainage line, the line can not rely entirely on the passenger.

Coexistence of multiple technologies, cloud interoperability

There are many smart home communication technologies, protocols, standards, and cloud platform, it is difficult to say who substitute who believe will coexist for a long period of time. For manufacturers, do not tangle, to do a single Wi-Fi and Bluetooth product more suitable for system ZigBee, Z-Wave relatively common, many will also use more technology. In fact, users do not take care of the technology behind it, they are more concerned with tangible experience.

Recently, ZigBee3.0 official release, the agreement means that the use of smart home can achieve interoperability. To develop standard protocols for the development of the industry is undoubtedly beneficial. However, the standard does not necessarily have to wait, there are so many giants in the exploration, by agreement between the cloud access, they can already achieve interoperability.

Control diverse, open the era of voice

Most control mode or manual control and APP control, but many APP operating experience is not good, some not as easy manual control. If the smart home more than just one after another APP, it is really a deviation.

With the development of speech recognition technology, voice will help liberate your hands. Recently, Google released Google Home, through voice interaction, to achieve control of the speaker, the future can also control more intelligent products within the system. Future smart home, voice will be a major standard. Combination of sensors and artificial intelligence, the future will achieve automatic control and intelligent management. Manufacturers have a need for close follow-up.

Single product gradually linkage system step by step

The emergence of various single product, reducing the threshold of smart home experience. Users can through a smart product, a good experience then choose more intelligent products. Between the product and the product can also achieve linkage. This linkage may be based on a system of brand and may also be based on a common cloud. Linkage between a single product that will bring a better experience.

Taking into account the experience and the cost of short-term popularity of the system is still relatively large and difficult and requires a step by step development. Full house market is mainly luxury villas, a wired connection with a wireless. For the mass market, there will be a transition between a single product and systems. This transitional period will be affected by the business model.

Smart appliances first, considerable industry market

Smart home smart appliances are the vanguard, taking into account the appliance off price high, high penetration requires ongoing service and other features, more intelligent transformation of needs and values. Traditional home appliance giants have obvious advantages, and have incoming. The best choice for new entrants to the market cut into the long tail, good segments.

In fact, many industries have a same development path, that is 2G, 2B, 2C. Many manufacturers want to cut through a single product of smart home, occupy user entry. This is a broad road, but a lot of people go, the competition is fierce. Some manufacturers turn to invest in industry 2B, the strength and capacity of a single product into programs and services capabilities, easier blood, to generate cash flow. Time to be ripe, and then cut 2C. For there is not enough human and financial resources of manufacturers, would be a Quxianjiuguo initiatives.

Winning marketing scene, smart suit prevails

In fact, the product has a lot of smart, users sometimes do not know how to choose and match. For certain scenarios, providing an intelligent solution that will be the trend, such as smart living room, smart bedroom, smart kitchen and other smart suit.

The same is smart to sell products, but marketing is a scene from a user perspective to help users tap the demand, reduce choice difficult. Smart suits and experience will be better than a single product, the price is not high.

Real estate home improvement upgrades, smart home robbery

Real estate and home improvement industry is also embracing the Internet +, improve the user experience, while also increasing the intellectual equipment elements. If in the design and decoration when they joined the smart home, will greatly accelerate the development of the industry.

Advantages of real estate enterprises that closest to the user, have the ability to service. Master channel, they possess the right to speak. By business model innovation, such as installment payments, annual service fees, will be pre-installed into the intelligent home. For manufacturers, the need to have the ability to customize the service through B2B2C way intelligence products to end-users.

Giant platform dispute, factory floor channel

Anyone with a development potential of the industry, are ultimately involved in giant, smart home is no exception. At present, domestic and foreign Internet giant electricity supplier giants, traditional industry giants, have full admission. There are giant giants play, they master the users and traffic, are doing an open platform that partners can join in playing their standards, and finally share resources and data.

For ordinary factory, business was hard, not so much resources and energy. Product or good sense, deep channels, sellers make money. As long as there is internet resources, cooperation not a bad idea. Products sales, and brand awareness, and talk farther dream.

This is a popular entrepreneurship and innovation of the era, but the smart home manufacturers have to look cool, good people doing good things always fade away after a wave of foam. Do not be deceived by fickle markets, and do not over obscenity better tomorrow. Live in the moment, sellers first, identify the location, left for the king.


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