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April 26, 2020 Smart home vendors fought channel bottleneck still seek breaking

Due to the lack of uniform standards, high cost, non-functional just have to wait, Raisin smart home industry has not been able to find the key to open the market.

On May 19 to May 21 organized by the Chinese smart home expo, reporters found that more and more real estate, property and home improvement companies are joining the Ecological Construction of the intelligent home, trying to promote industrial ecology and sinking floor.

Secretary-Family Association, Cai Jinjiang Shenzhen wisdom that “the 2016 landing smart home products will be more and more, industry is expected to break ground. With real estate, property, decoration companies have entered the industry is expected to collaborate and form molding. ”

Still constraints

Looking ahead, in addition to redoubling its efforts to accelerate the transformation of intelligent Haier, Midea, Gree and other traditional home appliances business, Jingdong, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei has also have incoming. Smart home industry, already “big” everywhere.

Even so, nearly two years of smart home products are encountering less shipping, homogeneity, poor user experience and other issues. Comtech core city CTO Li Shipeng the reasons summarized in four aspects: the industry standard is not established, the smart home is not intelligent, user demand has not erupted, enterprise business model is not clear.

Among them, the lack of a unified communications protocol, can not remain an unsolved interconnection crux. Although Huawei, Haier and other platform-level companies have taken the trouble to explain their strategy of opening up, but the manufacturer the right to speak about the user’s data will not easily hand over people, the whole market is still spared from war in the crowded stage.

Reporters visited the hall after the discovery, the current smart home market of products, including a full set of intelligent home systems and intelligent single product. A full set of intelligent home systems include whole house lighting, appliances, windows and doors, clean water, fresh air system, so the overall solution integrated intelligent control. A single product to the current smart socket, intelligent light bulbs for more. A full set of intelligent home system is stable, unified and coordinated better performance, higher prices, a single product is relatively cheap.

“Smart single product for the price-sensitive, young people are willing to try new things, while a full smart home system is more suitable for improving the housing needs of the middle-aged crowd, they have spending power, want to improve the quality of life.” Hebei Science and Technology zhishang technical Director Fan Yuping representation.

In Tong Hui, general manager of the smart home business RICI opinion, spending power of the middle-aged are not “smart” concept of the most accurate consumer objects, such as market logic is wrong. In his view, the initial entry point into the market must be small, from the most accurate younger consumer groups to start, and then gradually extended to the whole population.

“There are two way smart home, or to reduce the overall project cost, to allow some young people have the economic ability to achieve intelligent home. Either the systematic modular construction, the user can optionally purchase certain products, such as the first intelligent lighting system, and then intelligent sanitary systems, and ultimately the whole intelligent home. “Tong Hui said.

Right now, some of the changes taking place. Compared to the agreement unreasonable, difficult landing platform for large enterprises, more companies in the vertical subdivision intensive applications, entrance form richer.

In addition to the most popular field of home appliances, security, maternal and child health care, pension and other industry segments wisdom have more solutions, these solutions provider to some extent between traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and Internet companies formed a useful supplement.

First channel

Right now, more and more smart home program is channeled through cooperation actual landing.

RICI Deputy General Manager Liu introduced into purple, high cost of renovation of the rear end of the market for smart home business, the current floor by property developers and the newly renovated market, is a better choice.

In fact, in 2015, China Vanke, China Merchants Property, Golden Property, Poly Real Estate and other real estate developers and property companies are to launch a product or prototype smart home and intellectual communities.

Orville data show that in 2015 smart hardcover city reached 20, an increase of 150%; market reached 110,000 units, an increase of 408%. The future, the developers could become operators, and smart home smart home industry chain services and jointly build ecological services.

RICI Zeng Xin, director of marketing, told reporters that at present, without having to install a single product can be used directly, related to the installation section, on the one hand through traditional home improvement and real estate companies, on the other hand through the Internet platform for home improvement landing. “Traditional real estate and home improvement companies are basically only the whole building or the order, the whole cell mode under heavy Internet platform through the smart home decoration scheme into line for selection, certification and templates provided by the manufacturer to install, Home Platform point to solve the problem of installation services. ”

Zeng Xin, due to the high fragmentation of smart home sale home costs, if manufacturers will add to these costs, the consumer will be more difficult to accept, we must break the deadlock through intermediaries.

Tuba rabbit Xu Jianhua, vice president believes that the Internet platform through the large home improvement data analysis, the user can know in advance the details of the various needs in the home, building materials, soft wear, jewelry, appliances and other fields, as well as more efficient and transparent, the future is the wisdom loading important entrance landing.

“On the choice of investment, we also hope to have more channels for enterprises to cooperate with us,” Zeng Xin introduction, RICI angel investor is the home improvement building materials companies AIA ceiling, its channel largely resolved RICI landing smart home products problem. Currently, an A-share listed companies was carried out home improvement A round lead investor, the company has become the channel’s Internet home improvement products RICI important future landing way.

Ourui Bo Pan Donglei vice president also said that in 2016, Ou Ruibo home improvement channels, as well as real estate channel electricity supplier channels have done a lot of efforts to open market, more than 20 domestic first-line real estate developers have to work with. Pandong Lei told reporters, “This year obviously feel the smart home market a lot of warm, smart home products to the floor, must be selected in line with the product positioning platform or channel for cooperation.”

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