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April 26, 2020 Smart TV life why only three years?

Who said life expectancy is only three years, smart TV? See this topic I believe that many users will hold a different opinion to refute me.

How long is the life of the TV, I believe we have had a TV, you know, most people will be proud to answer: “! Our family of TV for 10 years, not bad”

For this answer I do not deny that, maybe you think life is to see, not broken, regardless of whether there are changes color TV, brightness / contrast for reduced if parts / lines have been aging and so on.

In fact, I had also the home of the old TV also saw nearly 10 years, but with the TV screen larger and more intelligent, for the TV really speed faster and faster, this has been “smart TV only three years of life “argument.

Smart TV life why only three years?

First, let’s look at how TV companies is the definition of television life.

They marked when the product is not a product and sell TV products can be used for many years, but the life of the main display device, such as the traditional life of the CRT tube TV is 2-2.5 million hours, LCD TV screen life of 60,000 hours etc. If you look at a look at four hours, according to this algorithm is indeed normal for 10 years, but there are other TV components, this algorithm is only an estimate.

Smart TV life why only three years?

Look at the state. With the flat-panel TV to become mainstream, China Video Industry Association to develop and publish a “flat-panel TV safe age restrictions”, clearly defined sales in China, the safe use of domestic flat-panel TV age of seven years of use.

Provision also requires “TV manufacturers should be by way of self-declaration, on the product packaging or instructions for use with text or graphics provided to consumers express their identity and other products safe use of life”, also called flat-panel televisions reached when the safe use of life safety performance of their appliances still must comply with state regulations, the safe use of flat-panel TV age calculated from the date of consumer purchase invoice.

This is regarded as an official with the national standards, and for seven years. Than we have previously thought to be shorter than 10 years, but I believe that more than three years and a lot longer.

Next, focus on the question is, why three years?

Let’s look at the difference between Smart TV and traditional TV. The main traditional TV only do one thing, it is to receive television broadcast programs. And play smart TV, the more, first put the passive TV watching life to leather, you can demand TV / Film / Video Arts, and other programs, you can also install software, play games, video chat, shopping … and this function which is continually developing, future changes may exceed your imagination.

Smart TV life why only three years?

Then the time difference to come, compared to traditional TV Smart TV equipped with intelligent operating system will certainly require it, the most mainstream of the Android system, the crash in the use of the process, Caton, glitches believe that mobile phone users used Android We are very clear.

Smart TV To get excellent operating experience, of course, need to equipped with CPU, GPU, memory and other hardware devices in the PC era, we know that the pace of development of fast hardware, software, hardware requirements are also increasing, so we are often saved by PC machine to improve performance, and for smart TV, you can customize the upgrade? can not show, as hardware glitches, hardware behind, how can you do? that is to change the chant.

Say this is not a smart phone is also a bit like? Saying the phone is used to call the beginning, but after entering the era of intelligent, smart phone you used it for more than 3 years? Such people less of it. Similarly, smart TV as well.

Smart TV “crash” Cause Big Secret, with solutions

In fact, smart TV to see the crash is not a difficult thing, as a smart TV of course, people also need to give you some advice, maybe help you look smart TVs continuation of life, because sometimes not-for-television really bad TV the only change, but using them uncomfortable.

Smart TV life why only three years?

Deadlock reason: too many applications open in the background, TV withstand memory

In the process of playing smart TV, we usually open many applications, but after you close the application it does not really introduced, but which has been running in the background. With the increase of background applications, the system itself will become increasingly smaller memory, after a vicious cycle that will easily cause the system is not responding or crashes and other failures.

Approach: install some intelligent TV garbage cleaning software have a key clean-up function, clear out unnecessary background processes, to achieve the purpose of freeing memory.

Crash Two reasons: the system too much garbage, seriously affecting the smooth operation of the TV

How many people have a very good maintenance habits of smart TV, smart TV experience in a N times to install the application, system upgrades, and other operations after the game, it will cause the system to their own junk files, and the residue installation package, cache files, uninstall the software Residues files, etc. hoarding, thereby affecting the operation of the system and the corresponding speed.

Approach: a long time to develop the habit of cleaning up for some useless installation package on smart TVs, residual files to uninstall applications, or software uninstall infrequently used, etc., in order to ensure more ample system memory space.

Crash three reasons: poor optimization of the system itself, resulting in a variety of BUG

Now every TV companies will have their own intelligent interface, the system itself, they provide optimized not doing well, or lack of maintenance, then after a period of time, and the sense of the experience will be much worse. In addition, there are many of them original system comes with software, and more are set to be switched from the start, which will take up a lot of system memory, slow down the pace of the television.

Approach: choose Smart TV also selected and smart phones, a good good UI system is very important, this is often Wide Web home network to see the evaluation of the article will be harvested.

Deadlock Four reasons: equipment hardware damage

Compared with traditional TV Smart TV accessories already more, so hardware damage is a common thing, which is not much to say, the approach is to solve the customer directly to the supplier, not recommended for the user’s own checks.

Read a variety of reasons for the crash when the machine above, you have the impulse directly for television, it is really “on the author’s when.” In fact, I also suggest that you replace, after all, three years later, not only smart TV intelligent hardware has been in leaps and bounds, the appearance of technology, display technology, etc. features also will change a lot, try to try new things might give you a different experience.

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