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April 26, 2020 Software Testing GPRS Modems equipment

1, application scenarios

DTU device sends data over the wireless network to the software, the software access to data.

2, the test needs analysis

GPRS DTU different types of communications equipment correctness;

Stability data communications;

Software running stability;

Different parameter settings influence (due to this type of project was very small, resulting in the first test environment setup parameters unreasonable).

3, ready knowledge

The basic function of GPRS DTU equipment;

DTU basic principles of communication equipment and software;

DTU distinguish between different devices (but unfortunately it did not understand the difference between devices, such as the difference between GPRS \ CDMA signal, resulting in some previous post-test can be found but no problem);

Field data acquisition equipment requires DTU how (simulation or real device).

4, the test procedure

View real data transmission equipment to DTU correctness, perform various types of data to test (in fact, all are not necessary to test, you only need to understand the difference between data types, and then pick out the data must be tested, you can speed up the test efficiency)

Under different scenarios, data operation stability Views: Record a regular change data, view graphs whether regular, grasp exception from the overall trend. (Data View Compare fell a point, in fact, you can export data, do a simple comparative analysis of the program, then you can consider doing so)

Running for some time, view the software of the indicators are correct.

5 Lessons Learned

Never content to test a test, to be argumentative.

1) GPRS and CDMA DTU device uses the difference between (GPRS is a priority call, data of the second means of communication; CDMA data priority, followed by another call mode of communication so that the difference between these two models under, as the data communications applications. CDMA mode data is more reliable when the application should be properly closed related calls SMS GPRS, and the testing process priority should be tested GPRS mode, the second mode is more likely to have problems, but unfortunately the testing process did not unfold in this order)

2) GPRS DTU device communication mode selection, the actual application process because of their characteristics of the wireless signal instability, will not use second-level data acquisition. When faced with such problems, although the application can not find DTU experienced personnel, should be more open Senate tested experience in personnel-related wireless data applications.

3) The difference between the data transmission TCP / UDP protocol selected data cache application point: TCP buffers the data is valid, when the data communication is unstable, there will be stale data, but the practical application of data than did the dirty data better, so the setup process to consider setting the cache time should be shorter than the scan time data, the shorter the better.

UDP is a connectionless judgment data during the data will not be cached, so stale data does not exist, in the testing process almost Mody stale data.

On the other hand, since the data will be sent directly over UDP checksum of TCP data need to be transmitted faster and more economical than TCP traffic on UDP transmission mode.

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