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April 26, 2020 Stream of new technologies into the ground segment Internet of things, intelligent won support polic

The spate of new concepts inherent impact on the thinking of traditional industries, some people may think that these new concepts is the next thing, but a growing number of signs that include robotics, networking, including the new concept has not only laboratory the product of large-scale applications already in sight.

In the last several months, the Mountain View, California to the United States from Japan in Chiba, including UAV technology, specific case sorting robotics applications and endless research and development, and in the country, including Jingdong, including rookie logistics related businesses is also non-stop research and development related technologies.

Stream of new technologies into the ground link

In the country, the world’s logistics New technologies are rapidly entering the development and testing stage.

April 11, Chiba city government and businesses to begin formal drone delivery service test, loaded with parcels UAV between apartments, commercial facilities and the adjacent park flight.

In addition to government, Chiba research institutions and e-commerce giant Rakuten also jointly participated in the pilot project, this is the first UAV Express test conducted in urban areas of Japan, Chiba City has been designated as no Special test machine delivery area.

Google also recently applied aspects of unmanned vehicles patent parcel delivery, and also released a video Ikunori package handling robot. Video shows the robot to pick up and sort items, and sorting tasks claiming industrial applicability is obvious.

In the current Europe, Germany, London and other places, terminal distribution robot has entered the testing phase. 2012 on the acquisition of Kiva Robotics Amazon has long been used in the warehouse shelves transport robots. According to the latest data provided by Amazon, Amazon has 13 distribution centers in the deployment of 30,000 robots. The end of 2014, Amazon has 15,000 robots in 10 distribution centers.

“Using intelligent robots in the warehouse environment than the degree feasible in outdoor use is much higher, there is a relatively controlled environment inside the warehouse, and give space robots play is relatively large.” Industry sources said.

Domestic enterprises hot pursuit of new technology pioneer

New technologies and applications emerge not only in foreign and domestic-related projects are also being quick start.

According to the reporter, the current rookie, Jingdong have been carrying out trials of new technologies, including robotics including warehousing.

Jingdong Guan 3c warehouse, reporters saw a set of information systems. According to reports, the system can be achieved through the full chain of electronic goods recorded information. Outside the information system, some automated system has entered the warehouse, such as automatic sorting system. According to reports, Jingdong the reservoir which an automatic sorting system can complete a daily peak of more than 300,000 automatic sorting task.

Recently, Liu Qiang East, said in the company set up a new project team, the main problem to overcome in the future unmanned warehousing, unmanned drones and express delivery area. That is where the unmanned automatic storage warehouse, plans to 100 percent complete by the intelligent machine from storage, cargo handling, a library, sorting does not require all of human involvement. Liu Qiang East vision, intelligence, unmanned, vehicle networking concepts after the popularity of the distribution system will be upgraded, but it still takes years to achieve.

In the UAV field, SF exceptionally rapid pace of progress.

2015, the first year is known as China UAV. In March this year, SF and fly very scientific and technological cooperation, the third generation of experiments express UAS in Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other places for high-density test flight.

In November of that year, news that SF Group Investment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen-endurance UAV. In recent days, Lian colored stone in investor relations activities disclosed in the record, said the company is working with the SF to build a revolutionary logistics drone, the end of 2016 there will be good news.

Policy experts and multi-dimensional support

At a meeting recently held in Nanjing, the Fraunhofer Research Institute of the German Logistics Industry 4.0 concept author Professor Michael Teng · Hongpei Er said, “In the industrial era 4.0, automatic and self-help It will be the biggest trend of warehousing and production. ”

In his opinion, industry 4.0 is intelligent and self-help. “Using the integrated network for data sharing, so that production at the lowest cost, lowest consumption of resources.”

For intelligence, technology, networking of the future not only from the judgment logistics experts and business, at the government level have similar policies.

At the local level, a number of new technologies to promote the logistics and integration policy has gradually introduced. Recently, Sichuan Province introduced 24 modern service industry to promote supply-side reforms to improve the growth of the logistics industry specific policies. In these policies will include leveraging “Things +” to promote big data technology in the field of logistics. Such as accelerating the province’s Public Information Platform and the city (prefecture) and industry sub-platform, enterprise-related data such as docking platform.

This year, March 3, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and other 10 departments jointly issued “on the strengthening of the logistics short board building for a number of opinions effective investment and consumer spending” and aims to vigorously strengthen the logistics short board areas, speed up the sound and comprehensive logistics network infrastructure, improve logistics operation quality and efficiency, enhance the overall development of the logistics industry and service levels.

The opinion stressed that strengthening the application of information technology to promote the new pattern of logistics development. Study and formulate the “Internet +” efficient logistics three-year action plan to implement. Strengthen networking, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other advanced information technology applications in the field of logistics, the transformation of traditional business models and management systems, optimization of logistics resources, enhance the level of logistics operations.

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