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The Advantages of Industrial Router

Industrial Router


Industrial routers can work in harsh environments, which are generally used in high-end markets or outdoor engineering. Industrial router with many advantages can achieve high-speed and stable networking of industrial equipment. In general, industrial routers have the following advantages in use.


1. Stable networking

The main difference between the industrial router and civilian router or public router is the stability of networking. Industrial routers can work in harsh environments, while civilian routers cannot be used in harsh environments. Industrial routers can ensure stable networking in harsh environments.


 2. Long-life

High-quality industrial routers have various models, such as high-speed industrial routers and medium-speed industrial routers. The significant difference between the industrial routers and civilian routers is the support degree for the environment. Industrial router with strong tolerance can cope with a variety of complicated situations to ensure its long life.


3. Rich protocol to ensure the safe transmission

A secure and stable network environment is essential for businesses and engineering. Civilian routers have limited functions in anti-virus and hacking, while industrial routers support VPN PPTP, L2TP, GRE, OPENVPN, static routing, etc., which can ensure the security of transmitted data and facilitate network layout.


4. Powerful data processing ability

The industrial router adopts a high-frequency processor with powerful data processing capabilities, which can admit more people to access the high-speed Internet and to meet longer transmission distances and wider coverage.


5. Rich Interfaces

The industrial router supports 3g/4g to WiFi, equipped with RS232 interface, support serial to Ethernet function, adapt to more scenarios.

The industrial router has advantages on convenience, durability, and price. Therefore, more and more applications tend to use industrial routers. It has been used as a perfect companion for outdoor work.

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