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April 23, 2020 The Application of Industrial Modem in Transportation Vehicle Networking


The Industrial IoT in transportation enables road, rail, air and shipping manufacturers and fleet management companies to communicate with technicians (drivers) anytime, anywhere, enabling them to take the initiative to perform on-site repairs and maintenance.


Advancement in mobile and wireless technologies have dramatically improved the way transportation and logistics operations and data are used. For example, trucks can be connected to the Internet to take advantage of real-time data to optimize performance and monitor your fleet.



Application: Private car networking

The IoT is very important for leisure vehicle manufacturers such as snowmobiles, motorboats and off-road vehicles to provide an enhanced user experience for customers using mobile devices and to improve the diagnosis of their service personnel. A common challenge to achieve this goal is to provide a connection between the vehicle network and the available network interfaces on the PC and mobile platform.


Solution:  Data transmission terminal-4G Modem

Industrial modem of USR IOT supports network connections to various protocols, including CAN, Modbus and EtherNet / IP, enabling operators to collect information about their vehicles. Industri of USR IOT, namely digital transmission terminal, can provide a connection between the remote vehicle network and the available network interfaces on the PC and the mobile platform.




Easy access to the network

Simplify the connection between the diagnostic PC application and the local vehicle network, enabling service personnel and dealers to easily photograph key operational components on the vehicle and optimize overall vehicle performance. Limit the status of unscheduled on-site maintenance by tracking the status of critical maintenance tasks through the cloud.



Improve user experience

Through wireless connection to multiple mobile platforms, it provides users with convenient service notification and vehicle operation data (fuel level, battery life, etc.). View the utilization and productivity reports for individual vehicles or the entire fleet.



Save time and money

The easy-to-use, cost-effective vehicle connectivity interface delivers greater value to customers and service providers. Minimize inoperable vehicles, create work orders and track maintenance costs online.

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