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The Application of Serial to Ethernet Converter in Intelligent logistics weighing System

weighing system


System overview

To improve the management of logistics goods, A China company adopts an automatic weighing system. The system can realize automatic and reliable measurement data collection, identification, command, processing, and control during the whole process of weighing, which can minimize the cost of manual operation. The disadvantages and work intensity of the system have improved the effectiveness and automation of the system.

1. For the management department, user can understand the current production and logistics status through the summary report in the system.

2. For the financial settlement department, user can get clear and accurate settlement statements.

3. For the warehouse management department, user can learn about your receipt and delivery of goods.


The design of the unattended weighing system follows the principle of openness. The operation of the whole system takes the goals of convenience, simplicity, and efficiency. 


System introduction

The automatic weighing system consists of an electronic weighing platform, serial to Ethernet converter, and a collection terminal. The automatic weighing platform measures the length, width, height, and weight of items, and transmits them to the computer terminal through the serial to Ethernet converter, thus completing the whole data acquisition process. The port RS-485 of the automatic weighing station is connected to the acquisition terminal through the conversion of USR-N540 into TCPIP protocol. 


USRIOT's serial to Ethernet converter supports the function of Modbus RTU protocol to TCPIP protocol. Take serial to Ethernet converter as a TCP server, and take the other collection terminal device as a TCP client. Establishes TCP connection with the serial to Ethernet converter, thus to realize the network data transmission to the collection terminal.

serial to ethernet converter in weighing system

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