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April 23, 2020 The Features of 5G

1. High-speed

With the improvement of network speed, the network can use VR/ UHD services without restrictions, and services with high requirements on network speed can be widely promoted and used. Users can download one high-definition movie per second, and 5G also supports VR video.


2. Ubiquitous network

With the development of society, the network business needs to be all-inclusive and extensive. Only in this way can you support more productive business and use it in complex scenarios. The ubiquitous network provides influence on two levels: Ubiquitous coverage and in-depth coverage.


The ubiquitous network refers to every place in our social life, which needs extensive coverage. If 5G is covered, a large number of sensors can be deployed to monitor the environment, air quality and even landform changes and earthquakes, which will be very valuable. In-depth coverage refers to the fact that although the network is deployed, it needs to enter a higher quality of in-depth coverage. With the advent of 5G, the unstable network of toilets, underground parking lot can be widely covered with the 5G network.


To some extent, ubiquitous network is more important than high speed. Just building few base stations with high speed and coverage in a few places does not guarantee 5G services and experience. The ubiquitous network is a fundamental guarantee of 5G's experience.


3.low power consumption


To support large-scale IoT applications, 5G must have power consumption requirements. In recent years, wearable devices have made some progress but encountered many bottleneck problems, the biggest of which is an unsatisfying experience. Wearable devices with high power consumption will have a hard time gaining widespread acceptance of IoT products.


If wearable devices have low-power consumption, the user experience can be significantly improved, and people will accept the IoT products.


4.Low delay

One scenario of 5G is a highly-reliable connection with the unmanned driving and industrial automation. When people communicate with each other, a 140-millisecond delay is acceptable. But if low latency is using in the unmanned driving and industrial automation, it is difficult for 5G to meet the requirements. 5G requires a minimum delay of 1 millisecond or less.



5. The Internet of everything

In the era of 5G, everyone has many networking devices, and every home has multiple networking devices.


6. Refactoring security

The traditional Internet is to solve the information speed, no-barrier  transmission. Freedom, openness and sharing are the basic spirit of the Internet. But on the basis of 5G, the establishment of intelligent Internet is not only to achieve information transmission, but also to establish a new mechanism and system of society and life. The basic of intelligent Internet is security, management, efficiency and convenience. At the beginning of 5G network construction, security mechanism should be added, information should be encrypted, the network should not be open, and special security mechanism should be established for special services.

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