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April 24, 2020 The Net Transparent Transmission Mode of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E

Net Transparent Transmission Mode of Industrial Modem USR-G785-E

Mode Declaration

net transparent transmission mode

net transparent transmission mode 


In this mode, the serial port device can send data to the specified server on the network through this module. The module can also accept data from the server and forward the information to the serial port device.

Users do not need to pay attention to the data conversion process between serial port data and network packets, only through simple parameter settings, data transparent communication between serial port devices and network servers can be achieved.

This module supports two Socket connections, Socket A and Socket B, which are independent of each other. Socket A supports TCP Client, TCP Server and UDP Client. Socket B support TCP Client and UDP Client

AT commands

Command name Command function Default parameters
AT+WKMOD Query / setup work mode "NET"
AT+SOCKA Query / setup socket A parameter "TCPC","",2317
AT+SOCKB Query / setup socket B parameter "TCPC","",2317
AT+SOCKAEN Query / setup whether to enable socket A "on"
AT+SOCKBEN Query / setup whether to enable socket B "off"
AT+SOCKALK Query socket A connection state "off"
AT+SOCKBLK Query socket B connection state "off"



Setting up software schematic diagram:

setting up software schematic diagram

setting up software schematic diagram

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