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April 23, 2020 The Principle and Usage of the Serial Device Server

The concept of the serial device server

Serial device server, also known as serial to Ethernet converter, It is a terminal server that transmits data through the serial port of TCP/IP server. However, all of these are the same type of devices, which basically link the serial RS232, RS485 or RS422 interfaces to the serial port of serial device server and transmit data to the Ethernet packet. At the same time, it can send the data package back to RS232, RS485 or RS422 serial port to realize two-way data transmission. Serial device server has its own actual IP address, which is why it is sometimes called a server.  


Working principle and function

Principle: A device that transmits data between a computer serial port (COM port) and an Ethernet local area network (LAN). This allows Ethernet to be used instead of serial cables, minimizing workstation clutter and allowing serial devices to be placed far from the computer.



Function: The serial device server can realize the two-way transparent transmission of serial port (RS232/485/422) to Ethernet port. The internal module of the serial server completes the protocol conversion by itself. The serial port side is the serial electric-level data, and the Ethernet port side is the network data packet. The networking function can be realized by simple setting.

serial device server can realize bi-directional transparent transmission between RS232/RS485 and Ethernet


Usage method

In the actual use, the serial device server maps the Ethernet interface of the TCP/IP protocol to the standard serial port of the computer, similar to sending and receiving data like a normal serial port. That is to say, usually there is one hard disk on the computer, and multiple hard disks can be connected in parallel through the serial device server. For example, generally, there are two ports on the polarity, COM1 and COM2, which can be mapped to COM3, COM4, COM5 and other ports through the serial device server.


Application scenario of the serial device server

The serial device server has a wide range of applications and is usually used with industrial routers or industrial switches, such as unattended weighing, remote attendance, access control gate, etc.


Electrical fire alarm application: The serial device server communicates with the RS232/485 serial port of the electrical fire alarm, and quickly transmits the alarm information to the cloud platform to remind the staff to eliminate the fire.

serial device server in electrical fire network monitoring application



Intelligent factories and mines lighting: The traditional lighting facilities are mostly that people control lamps, which can not be linked with production and monitoring, resulting in waste of energy. The serial device server communicates with the serial lighting device to facilitate lighting control, and can also realize the function of device failure active reporting.

serial device server in intelligent factories and mines lighting application

Water supply monitoring of waterworks: At present, the water supply system of the waterworks is still based on serial port network communication, which is only suitable for single-machine operation and has limited transmission distance, and system maintenance is difficult. The serial server provides detailed information on real-time monitoring of waterworks’ equipment through TCP Server mode.

serial device server in Water Supply System Monitoring application



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