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April 26, 2020 The role of the server's Serial Device Server, works, use the configuration method

What is a serial device server

Serial device server simply means that a kind of network communication interface conversion equipment, it can be our common RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 serial converter to TCP / IP network interface, RS-232, RS-485, RS -422 serial port and TCP / IP network interface transparent two-way transmission of data. Making the conventional serial devices can have immediate TCP / IP network interface functionality, so as to achieve the purpose of connecting data communication networks.

The role of serial servers

1, string product server can traditional RS-232/422/485 device networking immediately. Serial Device Server as containing CPU, real-time operating system and TCP / IP protocol of mini-computers, transferring data in serial and network devices. Use the serial server can be anywhere in the world through a network, use your computer to access, manage, and configure remote devices. Let only electrical equipment with a serial interface, such as POS, ATM, display, keyboard, card readers, card readers, switches, minicomputers, tanker, RTU, CNC machine tools, test instrumentation, computer protection device easily connect Ethernet network, network management and remote control.

2, serial servers, allowing you to reduce the work rather than by increasing the workload. First high serial servers have a “friendly management interface”, these numbers range of serial devices may be scattered in different remote, and therefore high-serial converter can use a single interface to complete all settings is an important indicator, whether it is used Windows software, Web or Telnet. High performance and low latency, in some traditional serial transmission applications, 115.2Kbps already enough to use, but if you want to turn Fast communication interface converters, high-speed embedded device module 230.4kbps will be more secure.

Serial Device Servers Work

Serial Server makes TCP / IP-based serial data stream as possible, it will connect multiple serial devices and serial data stream can be selected and processed data to the existing RS 232 interface is converted into IP port data, then IP-based management, IP-based data access, so you can send the traditional popular IP serial data channel, without prematurely out of the original equipment, thereby increasing the utilization of existing equipment rate, saving investment, but also to simplify the complexity of the wiring on the existing network infrastructure. Serial server to complete a connection-oriented RS 232 link and connectionless Ethernet for communications between the data storage control system for a variety of data processing, process serial data stream from the serial device, and format conversion, making the data frame can be transmitted in Ethernet; data from the Ethernet frame to judge, and converted into serial data delivered in response to serial devices.

Serial Server Dynamic DNS configuration

1. Enter the Administration menu, select “G” to enter the “G- Global Network Configuration”, set up the device gateway address (should be ADSL or IP address is valid within the network gateway) and DNS server IP address.

2. Select “W” enter “W- switch operating mode.”, The switching device is a “2-Client mode.”

3, Dynamic DNS: Select the desired configuration of the serial port, enter the “Configure Serial”, if you need to “Dynamic Domain Name Service” will “choose to get the remote host IP mode:” is set to “2 – resolve to get the remote host IP address through the domain name “and specify the domain name service provided by a dynamic domain name.

4, the public network fixed IP mode: Select the desired configuration of serial port, enter the “Configure Serial”, if the remote host is outside the network fixed IP, will “choose to get the remote host IP: the way:” is set to “1 – to specify the remote host IP Address “and the next parameter to specify the remote host IP.

5. After completing the above settings, return to the main menu, select “R- Restart” to start the device for the settings to take effect.

6, VSPM virtual serial port software must work “Server mode” and needed to manually build virtual serial port, the default settings, the establishment of virtual serial port corresponding to the listening port 6020,6021,6022,6023. The machine firewall must release access to these ports will not be able to establish a connection. If the host including network, its gateway must do static port mapping, map the above ports to the network host.

7. If you need a dynamic domain name service, the remote host must be running dynamic domain software.

8, if this time the dynamic domain name server, VSPM listening port normal, serial server “connection has been established, or TCP / IP” indicator will be lit, VSPM should prompt “TCP / IP connection has been established,” explains It has been established with a remote host TCP / IP connection. Working properly.

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