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April 23, 2020 The Use of the Serial to Ethernet Converter in the Laser Cutting Machine Remote Monitoring System


The laser cutting machine works in very harsh industrial environments with electromagnetic interference and unstable temperatures, which requires a highly reliable field network. Meanwhile, remote monitoring and transmission of fault alarms for the laser cutting machine is also critical to the project.


Project requirements:

Networking of PLCs, HMIs and other field devices of laser cutting machines


Remote diagnosis and maintenance



Through industrial-grade networking products and cloud platforms, USR IOT provides a cellular solution that fully meets the laser requirements.


Ethernet module non-managed industrial Ethernet switch for local network


The switch enables local networking of the laser cutting machine PLC and HMI. The Ethernet module implements PLC and HMI connection to the Ethernet port.

The Ethernet module achieves remote maintenance of on-site laser cutting machine

 With a cloud-based platform of USR IOT, remote engineers can establish secure VPN tunnels between transparent cloud software and field serial servers to access remote PLC and HMI.



Provide multiple fiber port + RJ45 port options

Send real-time alarm through relay output to ensure accurate monitoring

Working temperature - 20 C~85 C

Simple plug and play


Serial to Ethernet Converter

The serial device server(serial to Ethernet converter) listens on the set port and waits for the TCP client to connect.

The data sent by the serial device will be transmitted transparently to all clients that have successfully linked through the serial device server.

The serial device server initiates a TCP link to the set IP address. If the link fails, the serial device server will continuously try to reconnect until it succeeds.

If it links successfully, the server can transparently transmit data in both directions with the serial device.

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