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Internet of Things to pay attention to the era of intelligent marketing method

In recent years, and big data, O2O as popular words include “internet of things”, internet of things are an important part of a new generation of information technology, but also an important stage in the development of “information” age. Its English name is: “Internet of things (IoT)”. As the name suggests, internet of things that material objects connected to the Internet.

Some say again popular, networking is the use of other local networks or Internet communications technology to sensors, controllers, machines, people and other objects through a new way of linking together to form objects, internet of things and objects linked to, information based, remote management and control of intelligent networks.

2014, an increase of smart devices, the rapid development of mobile Internet, so internet of things ecological environment more and more mature. Internet of things in sensor technology, RFID tags and embedded systems technology is the key point, we can see a number of intelligence products through sensors, applications, and WIFI connection, so that these smart products and our lives more closely. With sensors and microprocessors to reduce costs, Gartner predict the future internet of things will be $ 1.9 trillion market, and according to Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle said that this year internet of things will peak next 5–10 years will become the mainstream .

As Fabrizio Biscotti, research director at Gartner said, while “Internet of Things deployment will generate a large amount of data we need to process and analyze real-time, real-time processing large amounts of data will increase ** Internet of things workloads, while allowing providers face new security and analysis capabilities. “as a life trend, then networking opportunity for marketers in where?

One truly personalized experience

Current marketing experience difficult to do a real one, though business users and marketers can get vast amounts of user information through the social platform, fill out forms and other ways, but in the process of matching the marketing of some errors still occur, can not do one precise and personalized experience.

Under the era of internet of things, when a customer is connected intelligent devices and customer-related behavior data will be collected by smart devices, testing and analysis, the future of the Internet will be very personalized, marketers and companies can collect customer behavior data do different experience for each customer. Because of this, product marketing and services will be completely subversive, one on one personalized experience will really fell customers.

Customer data will be more accurate and beneficial use

In the past, we do analysis of user data when the data source for reference relatively simple, basic gender, geography and simple behavioral data, but with the increase in development of the Internet and smart devices, marketers and companies to collect user data We will be more extensive, allowing customers more accurate portrait.

In the last CES 2015 we see smart table lamp, smart locks, smart kettle etc. products, the use of customer data for those devices collected will be more complete and accurate, more behavioral characteristics of customers will be describe. For example, the target customer habits and preferences characteristic, through such data to facilitate enterprise customer management and marketing personnel, marketing personnel, these data than the previous data easier to analyze customer characteristics.

Relevance of ad performance more accurately

At present, many companies and marketers are feeling more and more difficult to do the marketing, what Banner advertising, pop, EDM push, leaflets, etc., even if the ad out, businesses do not know how effective? Those users are truly concerned about the brand whether it is our loyal customers, etc., in addition to know more or less to sell than to sell, it is not clear why the selling is good or bad, so a lot of times companies have half the money when advertising does not know how it works.

Contrary to what the next era of internet of things, companies will know whether their marketing campaigns and customer relationship valid and will connect more closely. Use of information data intelligent device obtained through technical analysis to understand the properties of portraits of users, use these results to make personalized content push, rather than blunt and user unrelated content, this can find their own within the user’s limited time content, advertising push to make more accurate and cost savings.

Personalized services will be more suitable for users

2014 We have seen in the market too smart wearable devices listed, a time many people are beginning to buy related products, smart watches, smart bracelet, intelligent scales, etc. These smart devices can be a good test our each case bodily functions of the body movement, blood pressure and so on, perhaps the future when we have to do something intelligent piece of our equipment will help us to do an appointment or reminder.

And to do these internet of things, it is the ability of corporate brands tested by monitoring and collecting data on these smart devices, so that enterprises in the service can do more humane and accurate, otherwise the service personnel will take time to bring costs to communicate, it will also reduce the user’s trouble, save time, and personalized service and can boost user confidence in the business services, increase user viscosity.

The future, as more and more devices can be connected and our lives, some marketers will be more detailed understanding of the users’ lives and behavior. The results generated by these data, allowing marketers to more personalized marketing content and service delivery to the user.

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