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April 26, 2020 Three areas of Internet of Things cloud computing model is different

With the development of the networking industry, after the development of Internet of Things to a certain size, layer and physical resources in the cloud is the natural combination. Part of the networking industry applications, such as smart grid, seismic network monitoring, the number of terminals scale networking applications cause physical resources to generate massive demand, a number of access terminal is likely to be massive, and the other is to collect the data could be massive.

  IaaS mode applications in the Internet of Things

Whether it is a common support platform horizontal or vertical specific networking application platform, it can share the physical resources of virtualization technology in the IaaS based on the dynamic expansion of business processing capabilities. IaaS technology in the host, storage, and network resources on the basis of integration with abstract, scalable and statistical multiplexing capabilities, allowing users to use as needed. In addition to network resources, other resources are available proven technology to achieve virtualization, networking applications to solve the massive data processing terminal access and provides an effective way. Meanwhile, IaaS various types of heterogeneous physical resources environment provides a unified service interface for custom resources, efficient use and transfer provides a unified interface, but also conducive to networking applications between soft and hard systems in some systems loosely coupled degrees.

At present, construction and some Internet of Things related to cloud computing centers, cloud computing platform, mainly IaaS mode applications in the field of IOT.

  SaaS mode applications in the Internet of Things

SaaS model exist a long time, after being repackaged concept of cloud computing, in addition to the use of other technologies (such as technology IaaS) cloud computing, there is no particular change in nature. Through the SaaS model, implementation is still networking applications and services provided by multiple clients shared use. This provides an effective way for all types of industry applications and information sharing, but also for the efficient utilization of infrastructure resources to achieve cost-effective mass data processing possible.

Some of the changes occurring within categories are Internet of Things, SaaS application layer perception extend the expansion. They depend on the perception of the various layers extending information collection device collecting a lot of data, and these data as the basis for correlation analysis and processing to provide the ultimate business functions and services to end users.

In this case, a plurality of USNSP sensor network service providers in different regions laying sensor nodes, providing weather information for each area of ​​environmental infrastructure. Other USNSP provide integrated services can be provided by a plurality of such USNSP information brought together, open to the public, for the public Travel Guide. At the same time, the information is also sent to the Government of the monitoring center, if there is unexpected weather events, government public service institutions can act quickly.

  PaaS mode applications in the Internet of Things

Gartner put PaaS divided into two categories, APaaS and IPaaS. APaaS main provider of data storage and operating environment for the application; IPaaS mainly used to integrate and build composite applications. Most commonly known as PaaS platform refers APaaS, such as and GoogleAppEngine.

In the context of Internet of Things, because the builders themselves values ​​and goals of different specific applications, PaaS models exist with different application model and application direction.

From the current perspective, networking and cloud computing combination is an inevitable trend, however, combined with networking and cloud computing also requires a matter of course, whether it is PaaS mode or SaaS mode, the application of Internet of Things, we need in a particular environment in order to play its due role.

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