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April 26, 2020 Have unveiled new smart home technology giants want to build a new era of all things Internet

According to Voice of the economy “World Finance” report, smart home has now become the Internet industry favorite. It not only won the favor of capital, but also won the favor of users. Asia 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, technology giants have showed the new smart home. Whether it is shopping single refrigerator or control the living room speakers are some bright spots.

Smart Home: control everything at home

Who is coming to dominate the living room? Various technology giants are given different answers. Depending on the music stand, staff pointed to a rather metallic TV, he told reporters that it can control all home smart devices.

Music as the staff:. “Such as this 55-inch curved TV, it can be used as a smart control center platform, we can install the control of the smart home APP on the inside so you can control all of the smart home through the television such as smart. a series of household curtains, lamps and other intelligence. ”

Jingdong put their newly developed intelligent speaker brought to the scene. The central control equipped with the latest operating system for smart speakers, users simply call out “ding-dong” name, every minute you can get everything at home.

Jingdong staff:.. “Buzz Buzz, now open the curtains curtain opens and you can also get a scene settings: Buzz Buzz, I sleep this time to turn off the lamp, curtains would turn off air conditioning will. off. As long as you have set in the background, it can all be turned off. ”

Speaker and television are one step ahead, not fall behind the refrigerator naturally. With an embedded smart refrigerator door on a large screen can achieve the whole process of online shopping. What is missing from the refrigerator, touch screen, easy to order. And it can achieve data sharing with their families. The data you find Mom and Dad’s refrigerator is missing what fruits and vegetables, can help them under a single remote.

Internet giant “ambition” Great all want to build a new era of Internet

The future, there will be more “new technology” applied to the smart home, technology giants are lurking in your living room, it brings you a variety of surprises. It is reported that this type of things can be connected to devices will reach 6.4 billion units, the annual compound growth rate of up to 30%. The data show that from Jingdong 2015 intelligent hardware product sales grew 188%.

In fact, the intelligent home product is only a stepping stone them, their ambition is clearly greater. Jingdong intelligent president Wangzhen Hui very clear that, Jingdong hope to develop intelligent speaker into an open platform:

Wangzhen Hui: “We will by housekeeping, travel, maps, Takeout, games, education, entertainment, multi-dimensional services to DingDong speakers in your home which has become a partner and assistant you can not get.”

Le deemed increase user stickiness also announced hardware free of charge. Their efforts to embrace a “new era of intelligent interconnection of all things.” Faced with various Internet giant unprecedented enthusiasm, Refrigeration Division Wang Jianguo, president of the United States and warned that companies should think about how to work together to make the cake bigger, such as interoperability between products of each brand is very important.

Wang Jianguo: “if we can not communicate interoperability between home a single product, consumers through human intervention, the user experience is not good, degree of intelligence is not enough, they will not enter the explosive growth now is that all manufacturers have their own. standard, lot, but without the presence of coalition interoperability between Alliance, the right to choose must be returned to the user to allow consumers to have a choice. “

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