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April 26, 2020 Use GPRS Modems achieve LED electronic display GPRS network

Mobile Internet using GPRS may not be surprising thing, but now even the LED electronic display also realize GPRS DTU network, which means that the next will be the development trend of LED electronics industry networking, wireless, universal network will rapidly LED electronic display. Has a built-in GPRS DTU data of LED electronic display was born, the LEED display depending on the application, designed indoor and outdoor two display modes, can be designed according to customer needs monochrome and color display, display text messages, pictures, animations, tables, time information.

gprs modems-USR-GPRS-710 and USR-GPRS-730

First, the system construction

Because GPRS DTU communication is based on data packet communication network IP address, host configuration distribution center computer a fixed IP address, each display using GPRS module and the host computer to communicate.

Each display uses GPRS transparent data transmission terminal, via mobile GPRS network and data center. Display use mobile communication company unifies SIM card, while the data center to each screen to register, save the relevant information in order to identify and maintain treatment. Each display runtime software, real-time online support 24 hours, ready to receive data sent to the data center.

1, each display must be used to move a unified SIM card, users of this card can only be used for communication between computers and data centers.

2, the wireless communications terminal equipment GPRS2000 mobile data communication terminal provided by our company.

Second, the technical characteristics:

1, real-time:

Because GPRS DTU real-time online features, system without delay, without wheel patrol may the synchronized receive, process data in multiple / all data collection points. It can well meet the system real-time data acquisition and transmission requirements.

2, low construction cost less:

GPRS DTU wide coverage in the coverage of wireless GSM / GPRS network, the display can be done to control and manage. Moreover, the expansion unlimited, unrestricted access to sites, to meet the mountains, towns and regional access needs.

3, covering a wide range:

Data center and connected to each screen in real time. While the GPRS technology can satisfy the needs of data transmission.

5, the data transfer rate is high:

GPRS network theoretically transfer rate of up to 171.2kbit / s, present the GPRS actual data transmission speed about 40Kbps, fully able to meet the display of the data transfer rate requirements.

6, communication costs low: the monthly billing, low operating costs.

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