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April 21, 2020 Using TI C3200 ultra-low-power smart Cat’s Eye

This intelligent cat is the core of TI’s latest release of Internet chip, called SimpleLink Wi-Fi series, is designed for a variety of networking applications and design.

This will be online smart cat is one of the newest online chip reference design from Texas Instruments (TI) showing. According to reports, the smart cat scan two-dimensional code can be registered by a micro-channel account, the owner add him as a friend, you can take it to see the situation through the micro letter to the owner, so that the owner keep abreast of everything happening outside.

SimpleLink Wi-Fi Series includes two chips: CC3100 and CC3200, the former only have Internet access, while the latter also integrates an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, is the industry’s first single-chip MCU built Wi-Fi Internet access chips. TI’s release of the series very seriously, its wireless connection Amichai Ron connectivity solutions for embedded solutions business unit general manager for us to Beijing introduced its properties.

CC3100 and CC3200 System Block Diagram
Today, Wi-Fi almost everywhere, it is an important way of mobile devices to access the Internet. Likewise, it will also be an important part of things. Compared with other ZigBee networking and other ways, Wi-Fi bandwidth has irreplaceable advantages, can achieve a large amount of audio and video data transmission. But Wi-Fi networking for the presence of several challenges, Ron said, for example, power and knowledge and experience necessary.

First of all, Wi-Fi is a high-power wireless connectivity. Battery to be a challenge for Wi-Fi equipment supply. For example, a smart cat previously mentioned, we must ensure that its battery life of up to several months. TI’s CC3100/C3200 chip by two AA batteries can run for more than a year, this is by hibernation, sleep and low operating current to be achieved, as shown below.

CC3100 and CC3200 are so low power consumption
Secondly, Wi-Fi, and easy to program and use. TI’s Wi-Fi chips allow users to easily access a lot. They contain encryption engine, with on-chip Wi- Fi security (WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise and WPS2) and on-chip Internet security (SSL 3.0, TLS 1.2 and X.509), can be implemented in hardware fast connection, and TI offers its customers Cloud support. TI various kits and software tools to help customers achieve rapid market.

Things tempting, but it does not seem to realize how easy. We hope to see more of this chip helps Internet access as soon as something more.

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