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April 26, 2020 Visual interactive connection: new entrance smart home?

Earlier this month, Beijing Haier released a cloud kitchen range hood products, this product in appearance and conventional hood Product no different, just more than a piece in the body size of 4.3-inch high-definition touch screen, but this is not an ordinary touch screen touch screen, but the screen can provide solutions to the diverse needs of users.

For example, it can be used with multi-screen interactive phone, mobile phone support micro-channel synchronous chat, can also provide a variety of recipes on the Internet for users (with 15,000 recipes video data), so that the user while studying cooking …… In addition, the cloud kitchen range hood through a collection of Himalayan FM housewives to provide news, audio books and other audio content, mass, and found that kitchen comfort, air quality monitoring kitchen, ready to record a comfortable kitchen air steward index function. According to information it is understood that this cloud Haier kitchen range hood for platform behind these interactive features, it is Alibaba YunOS operating system, which should also be the first time the operating system is the intelligent application of smart home products in the body of precedent.

In the past a very long period of time, the smart home concept has been much media attention, but most of the smart home products just to achieve a simple connection with the product of APP, not build a real smart home ecological form. For example, some manufacturers simply APP remote control operation of home appliances is defined as the “smart home”, but otherwise did not give users a more in-depth experience, this one-sided approach does not promote smart home industry form. And although some companies a certain degree of innovation in terms of interaction, but it is too cumbersome and complex interaction, but also to many users away.

For users, a truly visual key interaction, smart home may be the new expression.

Haier is offering a cloud-based operating system YunOS kitchen range hood, through a 4.3-inch screen provides a menu for users to query, kitchen environment monitoring, information dissemination and other functional requirements and posts, carrying the conventional manner smartphone mainstream features, from a functional point of view, it is the smart home figurative forms. But more important than these features it is that all the needs of the operation of this screen are provided in one-touch visual way, both in terms of practical convenience and functionality, which do not have any difficulty.

This means that, in the user interaction before, based visualization and a key-operated interactive logic is expected to become the trend of choice, because the premise of the user to maximize the needs of visually not only with convenience features, and its bearer capabilities and requirements value is greater – for example, while cooking in the kitchen environment while learning to make dishes, as well as micro-channel communication, entertainment, listening to the book of life, before this is completely unthinkable.

As mentioned earlier, just with the APP and the home appliances connected to smart phones, intelligent home appliances this is not the way nature sense.

Users need to connect smart appliances and products, and to ensure that users have a complete solution in terms of the needs and experiences, as this Haier’s cloud-based operating system YunOS kitchen range hood, its addition to the visual interaction characteristics, but also with intelligent demand solutions. For example, users simply click on the hood, “Cleaning / Housekeeping” button, the system will automatically send a single settlement, and the need for traditional telephone mode of appointment, wait for home cleaning workers and other sectors and processes, this approach simpler and more convenient.

In a user-centric session, a comprehensive solution for product features, services, and demand for modules, so the smart home can provide users with all aspects of the ecological services that the user can get to the individual needs of different dimensions of service. For users, they enjoy more than just the basic functions of a cloud kitchen range hood products, but this product which embodies a variety of ecological services, such as cooking learning resources, micro-channel communication, listening to books entertainment and a key call cleaning needs.

Connecting people through product demand, and to provide users with solutions, this is the true meaning of intelligent home a new performance features, the new home is the key ecological molding. For the product itself, its transition from functional attributes to the service properties, but also fully confirmed the ecological model of smart home is in a transitional phase from the functional value to the service.

Function to the service: Towards an integrated smart home Transformation

In recent surging tide of smart home, intelligent way of endless variety, but no matter which way the smart home, in features, services and products can experience based on user needs, it is to determine the development of the intelligent home major factor.

First, the need to protect the product fully functional. Most current brands in order to catch up with the wave of intelligent, have to resort to focus on a variety of intelligence implementations, but for the basic functions of the product itself but instead were ignored. In this way a certain extent, not only did not give the user needs to bring a new experience, but damage to the expected needs of the user. As the era of intelligent direction, the basic functions of intelligent manner and equally important, a loss can only lose more customers and markets.

Secondly, intelligence experience need to go beyond expectations. The release of the cloud from Haier kitchen range hood product point of view, not only in many aspects of innovation, but also in the field has brought a lot of details beyond the expectations of the user experience, for example, which in addition to providing a variety of smart way to experience the outside, also continued the deep cavity inverted cone oil network design to solve the fumes from the kitchen clean pumping problems, so that the user needs for pumping soot have a more-than-expected demand for satisfaction.

Again, smart home requires a schema transformation. Smart home user-oriented with all aspects of ecological services, which need not abide by the smart home thinking tools traditional model, but should provide more services to users in the sense of service. Compared with the traditional function of the times, the needs of service is not only the potential consumer demand, but also to build a service-oriented approach to ecological competition, but also has a positive role in promoting.

From this perspective, a new era of development and reform of the intelligent home, perhaps only now just opened.

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